1st Cycle in Thailand

Hey i work and live in Asia so getting some stuff is no problem (Deca, Sust and Test) all OTC.

But was after some Clenbuterol, Cytomel and Clomid/Proviron/Novladex, i read these all easily available in Bangkok?? I heard everything there is OTC?

Any Pharmacy??

Any issues taking it out?

Also, first throw at juice - 26 6’5 105kg

Andriol Test 200mg per day
Deca 200mg per week
Clenbuterol last 6 weeks to cut down?

Any old hand have any suggestions??

Maybe a little worried about hair loss so thought this shold be ok?? as my Grand Pa might of been bald??? So unknown what my genes are

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If you are in tourist areas you can find pharmacies that have many different kinds of gear and counter staff eager to sell it. But most of it has been smuggled in and unless you are confident that you can spot fakes it’s possible that you will get burned. I’m not saying that you will get burned, but it’s easy enough to step out of the tourist areas to buy things licensed in Thailand and not have to worry about the quality.

Test enanthate, propionate, methandienone, stanazolol tabs, deca, finasteride and clomiphene are all things that can bought with confidence. Do a little research to know what you should be asking for. Check out the TIMS guide that will be sitting on or near the counter of drug stores. Even ask the person selling it if it is licensed or underground.

A lot of people would disagree with me about buying only licensed drugs. The underground stuff is cheaper and there is a wider variety. But if you are in Bangkok for the first time and don’t have a trusted source you can minimize the risk of buying substandard gear by sticking to the licensed drugs.