1st Cycle in a Year! Tren, Test and Dbol

Week 1-5 Dbol 60mg/day
Week 1-12 Test E 400mg/week
Week 1-10 Tren E 200mg/week
Week 1-14 HCG 500 iu’s/week
Week 1-14 Arimidex 0.5mg EOD
Week 16-19 Nolva 50/50/50/50
Week 16-19 Clomid 40/40/20/20

Test and Tren will be pinned every Monday and Thursday.
HCG will be pinned 2 times a week at 250 iu’s each shot. My main goal here is to gain size and lose some belly fat. I’m taking the HCG because I want the boys down there to operate normally during and after the cycle. I’m adding arimidex because my last cycle gave me some pimples under my nipples that still hurt when touched. I’ve been off for a year now and this will be my first time back on. Just have a few questions for you guys! Thanks!!!

  1. How does my pct look?
  2. Also, should I add caber to keep prolactin levels from rising?
  3. Is pinning 2 times per week fine?
  4. Are there any adjustments you guys think I should make?

Ok if I read correctly the on week 14’s Thursday you will make your last pin of test e. You need to wait until at LEAST week 16’s Thursday to start PCT. I myself would wait until week 17’s Sunday or Monday.
Keep in mind if you get extremely emotional during PCT it is most likely the clomid. Just some guys react to it so be aware.

What I do for progesterone on tren cycles is 600 mgs of b6 every day. It will help keep it low. Now that does not guarantee anything at all. I would still have the cabergoline, pramipexole, or bromocriptine on “speed dial.” That is if you want to proceed with out it in hand. You are taking a lower dosage of Tren and progesterone triggered gyno is rare on tren. When I say have it on speed dial, find a couple of sites online and figure how long it would take to get it to your door. Remember research chemicals are possibly able to be sourced domesticly. If you know you can order it and reasonably expect it on your doorstep within a week I think you are ok. If it looks like it might take a month to get it then I would rethink it and maybe just buy some before you start.
Remember progesterone gyno can lead to lactating nipples, just saying.

With you taking both of your hormones attached to enanthate ester then yes it is ok and good to do two pinnings per week. You should have fairly stable release rates with two pinnings per week.

Finally it looks like you have a good cycle laid out provided you go in to it with a healthy body and open mind.

I have to say this before I hit reply; I noticed you didn’t include your age, stats, and complete cycle history. That stuff does effect advice given, especially if you still have signs of gyno left over from a previous cycle.

Thanks man! I appreciate the quick response. I’m actually only running 12 weeks of Test E so my last shot will be on week 12 Thursday.

Weight-210 lbs
Height- 6’1
Training history- 2 years weight training no cardio ever included.
Body fat- estimate of 20%

Here’s something I posted from my last cycle over a year ago.

I did a 12 week cycle of Dbol, sustanon and EQ bold. My main worry is that it’s been almost a year and my boys down there are a lot smaller than they should me. They’re always hiding. I also have very small pimple like things under my nipples that hurt when I push down on them. I just want to make sure I’m able to have kids a couple years from now. I did 2 blood tests. One was in November of 2017 and the other was math of 2018. I didn’t do anything differently. My endocrinologist just requested I do another blood test. He stated that everything is in the normal range but I know my test is low. Also my FSH levels look low.

Week 1-6 Dbol 50mg/day
Week 1-12 sustanon 750mg/week and eq 750mg/week

Week 14: 100mg Clomid ED / 20mg Nolva ED
Week 15: 50mg Clomid ED/ 20mg Nolva ED
Week 16: 50mg Clomid ED / 20mg Nolva ED

Let me know what you think brother. I truly appreciate your time and help.

You don’t really need 60 mg dbol. 30-40 would do you fine. There isnt a lot of difference between say 40mg and 80mg per day, other than more shitty sides.

On the PCT end of things, clomid doesn’t really need to be any higher than 25mg/day, nolva 20 mg/day. Bigger Clomid doses doesn’t = more effective, it generally just = the sides everyone dislikes. You’re using hcg and adex throughout anyway. The timing is likely too long. 4 weeks post injection. You dont need exo to be at absolute 0 for recovery to begin. I’d opt for the beginning of week 15. You’re only running 400 mg test.

Week 1-5 Dbol 40mg/day
Week 1-12 Test E 400mg/week
Week 1-10 Tren E 200mg/week
Week 1-14 HCG 500 iu’s/week
Week 1-14 Arimidex 0.5mg EOD
Week 15-18 Nolva 20/20/20/20
Week 15-18 Clomid 20/20/20/20

Thanks brother. Does that look a little bit better? Also, when should I take my Dbol? I usually take one in the am and the other in the pm. Is that fine? Do you think these dosages are enough to put on mass for me?

Looks fine. One cycle a year ago…you should be fine with those dosages. 40 mg dbol, i personally would divide doses at 10 mg every 4 hrs, something like 8am, noon, 4pm, 8pm.

Run the Test E to Week 8, then switch to Test Prop till week 14. Drop all Enanthate esters at least 5-6 weeks before PCT and switch to shorter ones if you want to be fully “off” come PCT time.


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