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1st Cycle Help


Hi guys, long time reader/lurker, first time member/poster.

27 years old. Did some stupid orals when i was 19-20 and clueless. Havn't done anything since other than train and eat.

I really would appreciate your input guys, just want to make sure I've set everything up properly and where i can mame changes

So im going with a 10 week test e cycle. 2 x 250mg pw

Hcg 2 x 250ui p/ww from week 3-10

Pct start week 12
Clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolva 20/20/20/20

Now the next bit is where im confused on if i need it and what dose to use

Proviron. Week 6-12 ed or eod.mainly to keep libido in check. Not sure what dose i should be using

Aromasin - i have access to it. From my understanding its a very strong AI and has other benefits too. So how and when + dose should i use this? Or should i just use nolva on cycle?

Armidex - from my understanding it needs to be run on cycle. But dosing has me quite confused.

I want to have all angles covered and have my whole cycle on hand from start to finish before i start.



Looks like a solid 1st cycle

Yes Armidex or Anastozle .25 eod would be a sensible start… bump to .50 if need be…

Watch for bloating or itchy/sore nips


Read these for PCT.

Scrap the proviron. Use the adex.


Use hCG from day two. LH levels drop from the beginning of cycle or TRT.