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1st Cycle Help


Hey I'm looking to start my first cycle and after a bit of research I was interested in an anavar and test cycle
I just wanted some input and tips with that or maybe a rundown on better options.

I also needed help with the pct, after a 10 week cycle of that, would 4 weeks of clomid be enough?


Tell us your stats and actually give a proposed cycle instead of stating what you want to take.

Body fat
Full Body Picture (Crop Face)
Cycle history

Then we can help you out. All out of spoons to feed people with.


^^^ Slowly but surely the old T Nation is making a come back.


My 2 Cents, run var as high and as long as you can afford. 100mg 6-8 weeks is good . I just finished 5 weeks at 100mg, really happy with the results. Wish I could of gone longer but had to finish up.