1st Cycle, Help Deciding on Compounds

gday lads,

my brother who has been training for 6 years, is 70kg at 10% body fat wants to do his first cycle.

He wants to do

  • 500mg of test e 16 weeks
  • 400mg of EQ 16 weeks
  • 40mg dbol 6 weeks

I have told him that just the test E would be enough to blow up but he wants to get the most out of his first cycle… do any of you see any potential problems with the above? I dont think he needs 3 compounds for his first cycle but he will do what he wants too…

I think that sounds like a recipe for gyno right there lol

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Any half competent person reguading this subject should recommend for 1st cycle a test only cycle. BUT with that said. Some people decide to try and make the most with their first cycle with the idea that they will be most responsive. I will recommend a test only cycle to find out how you react to it. And if you throw other compounds with your first cycle and you have issues. You have no way of narrowing down what’s causing the issues. Just my thought.

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My best assumption is he’s going to need to run an AI with all that considering every single one of those compounds convert to estrogen.

I am no expert but if he wants to run other shit why doesn’t he run something cleaner that doesn’t convert or has a low conversion rate.

But yes I also agree with Test only cycle so you know what’s causing your side effects.
If you’re running a stack of substances it’s gonna be hard to narrow it down.

Also I find it funny people think the more “supplements” they take the faster they will get bigger.

It takes time to build. Bodybuilding is like a marathon race not a sprint.

Everybody here is going to tell you the same exact thing: First cycle 500 testt

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Yeah, 10mg of aromasin every other day was what he is planning for an AI, I told him he should just by a shit tonne of food with test rather then wasting money on more gear…

He has three test based compounds in his first cycle…then two of them dbol and eq are actually the same molecule after the body removes the 17aa and or the ester…

This is the perfect example of the thought process "the more I take the more I gain " Sadly this is just not true. Your body can only use so much at any given time and the amount that it can use and harness does go up to some degree as you develop through numerous cycles. For a first cycle he is just waisting money and gear. Depending on his level of development he could get 20 lbs from a good 500mgs of test per week for 12 weeks. With what he is proposing he might get an additional 1-3 lbs, literally that’s it. Keep in mind I am talking about lean mass not fat or water. He will definitely be getting extra water and fat pounds from his layout.

This planned cycle is a disaster waiting to be injected and swallowed.

There is a reason that every experienced guy says “test only” for your first cycle. Take the hint and listen to those who have journeyed down this path before you.

And fyi that aromasin dose is off, guàranteed! Only way to know the correct dose is start with just test then only add in one new compound per cycle and see.

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Complete and utter waste. At ~150lbs sounds like his diet isn’t in check enough to grow much anyway.

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I didn’t even catch the body weight! Heck all that gear weighs more than him. Even at 5’4 he would skinny and something tells me he isn’t.


You need to slap your brother silly and make sure he doesn’t do this. It’s dumb on a number of levels.

The dumbest part is the EQ. That drug has such a wide range of reactions and with two other substances in the mix he won’t be able to nail down what’s going wrong if he indeed gets any of the side effects. Additionally, EQ has a looooong fuse, so if he’s one of the poor souls who gets crippling anxiety from it he’ll enjoy about four weeks of that shit while the drug unwinds in his system. How much do you think he’s going to gain when he’s so anxious that he can’t focus on lifting/eating/sleeping?


Yeah, the annoying thing is he is gonna do it whether i like it or not… Anything you can suggest instead of EQ? He wants to do 2 injectables and 1 oral, but i think just the test alone would make him blow tf up… Maybe masteron ?

Tell him to research injectable tiger blood. Charlie sheen made some amazing gains on it.


lmao, i will haha

Maybe approach it this way and see what happens. Tell him that if he can’t get where he wants to be with only test then his training and diet must be garbage. Challenge him. 9/10 times siblings will want to prove you wrong.

Isnt that how he got Aids?

That was when he started getting it from a shady UGL. Can’t go wrong with the pharma grade tigers blood.

I cant help but think of this clip when I see these kids come in here talking about gear.

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No, you’re thinking of Houdini.

To each their own, hes a grown man and will do what he wants to ultimately. I would simply advise him to do more research, physical, clinical and chemical… dry subject matter for many but a necessity IMO.

Now for full transparency, my first cycle was:

Test P 75mg EOD
Tren A 50mg EOD
Mast P 40mg EOD

Ran it 8 weeks, along with supporting supplements for liver toxicity and cholesterol/vascular maintenance (also ran DAA through cycle, probably added nothing but I had it so…). Then 3 days after last pin, I PCT’d on Clomid 100/75/50/50 and herbal supplements (tribulus, fenugreek, fadogia agrestis, ect.) and ZMA.

Felt great through all aspects of the cycle (minus the first quad shot when I hit a nerve lol), really was a full body transformation, and I wasnt dieting hard either, just below maintenance. Dropped about 3% body fat and weight was up a few pounds, thighs, biceps, chest all gained between .5" to 3" while my waist went down three sizes. Strength made a big jump, as well as general mood was wonderful, the so called ‘alpha’ feeling. Libido was ridiculous…

PCT breezed for me, lost a few pounds during, which I attributed to water weight. Kept all other gains, and while I neglected to do after bloods, I didnt notice any ‘baseline’ deficiencies. If anything I felt better than before the cycle due to the new body confidence.

So yeah, there are guys that run more complex first cycles but I honestly could have gotten to where I wanted at that time cheaper, albeit a little slower, with less ‘risk’, but I did my research, knew what the potential consequences were and made my decision.