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1st Cycle Help Appreciated


first of all any help/info is appreciated
approximately 18 days since first injection

Weeks 1-12 500mg Test E (split into 2 shots per week)
Weeks 1-3.5 Oral Prohormone (I know, i know but it actually is a good product and keeps me dry[er])
Weeks 9-12 50mg Winny ED

Weeks 14-17 Nolva 40/40/20/20

have adex and nolva in case of gyno

Goals (bodybuilder)
Recomp, basically...
At this point i really just want to lose as much fat as I can while bringing up some weak points and gaining whatever strength/size will come

next time i talk to my dealer i was thinking about getting some T3 or albuterol but im not sure if he has yet

again, thanks for the help in advance! any thoughts welcome