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1st Cycle & General Help

back ground:
30, 5’9", 190lb, about 18%b/f
haven’t lifted weights regularly for 2yrs. but teach martial arts (ie body weight exercise) 4Xwk for the last 4years.

last 2 months no activity due to injury.
lifting serious since i was 18, but due to injuries from extreme sports (like a broken femur) had long “breaks” in btwn.
best stats recorded… 180 10% or so.

current injuries:
bad rotator cuffs (chronic since i was 16)
foot has severe soft tissue/cartiladge & mobility problems (for last 9yrs. tried laser therapy & ART… art midly successfull for short term)
pulled hamstring & groin (reason for no activity).

to be around 200 & <8% by june/july. don’t want to be huge… strong, lean, flexible, fast (fighting fast), & minimise pain & problems from chronic injuries. I would like to keep gains & hopefully never have to do AAS again (but how many people have said that & are on their 2+ cycle?). I am hoping IGF & good PCT will help w/that.

work,work,work. i have a full time job m-f, am supposed to teach m-thu nights, fri-sat bartend, plus a part time biz on top of that & a baby girl on the way (jan).

get back in the gym sunday. core lifts, cardio, yoga, & extra stretching.
get my diet back on track
get back into MA by the 1st of the year.
save $ for this cycle :smiley:
find more time for rest
around march or so begin 1st cycle (provided everything is dialed in).

i have a feeling its too complex for a 1st cycle & dosages could be too high.

i also feel there is a lot of importance put on post cycle (for good reason)… but how much thought has gone into pre cycle? i have not found much anyway (other than make sure you have reached your genetic limit, etc…), so i thought IGF & maybe HCG (in week 1 5k iu)?

i chose what i chose based on research that said have a tren or test base & stack from class 1 &/or class 2 AAS’s. Then i took saftey & other factors into account from reading profiles on meso.

week 1-5
IGF-1 at 100mcg/day 2 site injections

week 4
Tren 1g
Dbol 50mg/day
EQ 500mg

week 5
Tren 500mg
Dbol 50mg/day
EQ 300mg

week 6-8
Tren 500mg
Dbol 25mg/day
EQ 300mg

week 9
Primo 500mg
Winstrol 300mg

week 10-13
Primo 400mg
Win 200mg

week 11-16
IGF 100mcg, 2 site inj a day

HCG (sparingly)& nolva during cycle, all 3 post cycle… i need some more help here too i don’t feel like pct can be taken too lightly… any suggestions?

tren because i read on meso that it is something like 3 times more effective than test?

Also would Tbol be a better choice than Dbol?

Should i add/substitute test anywhere? i was thinking last few weeks of the AAS w/the primo & winstrol.

I am sure that GH would probably help w/injuries but i can’t afford a long term commitment to it. Maybe in the future.

If its horribly wrong please let me know why… i have time to through it out & start all over & won’t even start until everything is good (regardless of june/july goal).


this is way too complex for a first cycle IMO…and its also structured very poorly. you also have too many injuries IMO …rehab those first.

when you are healthy…test should be the base of your cycle, if you ask me.

take some more time to learn about AAS then go back to the drawing board.

good luck.

thats what i was expecting to hear on the cycle.

the only injuries that can be rehabed are my groin/hamstring pull. my foot/ankle has been this way for 9yrs & no doctor i have gone to has answers. my rotator cuffs haven’t given me too many problems lately since i have been working them w/handstand pushups & other martial arts exercises… im just scared to push them to hard w/weights.

thanks for the reply.