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1st Cycle - Few Questions

ok let me cut to the point

1-12 ew test e 500

that’s what im sure of


since its my first time,

i know i shouldn’t be throwing in more than two compounds to see how body operates. Ho-kay, but

i cant decide between tbol (~ 60mg ed)
or Var (20-60 mg ed)
Which one would you recommend if you could choose from both, and why? They both seem to increase strength to my very liking, and are good potential for fat loss (then again its all about diet OK), etc etc

The thing is I would gladly throw in some primo (200-400 ew), but would it be overkill, and would it pay off at this level, say 400mg ew?

I weight 230, anywhere 15-20% bf but dont look like that since its evenly distributed. I want to gain some solid muscle, BUT is it possible to burn some fat as well at the same time?
In other words, if I eat slightly above my maintenance level, rather than WELL above maintained level, paralleled with some HIIT AKA Tabata twice a week, should aas be able to deliver that?

Thx for reading

40-50mg/d TBol for the first 4 weeks (W 1-4) of the cycle and/or finish with 80-100mg/d anavar (W 10-14). so that you still have a good adrogen level as your test is tapering off.

Just my personal opinion.

if you don’t want to finish with Var the other good choice would be proviron or masteron.

anyone1 else has anything to add, maybe??

simple… if you would rather loose the fat… take var, if you would rather add slightly more weight… take tbol.