1st Cycle Experience - Test Propionate and Turanabol

Greetings, long time reader here. Wanted to share my experience so it may be helpful to others or get some pointers myself.

Bio - 32 yo, skinny asian, working out on and off with long periods in-between.
72kg (158lbs), Testosterone blood work - 21.5nmol/L (620ng/dL) prior to cycle start.
Cycle length 8 weeks of Testosterone Propionate and Turanabol. Dosage of 1cc (~400mg/week) test p. eod + 20mg of tbol ed. Eating lots of everything, train every other day.

First things to notice were overall warmer body feel, higher heart rate, better focus/mood/“alpha feeling”. Oily skin, very rare breakouts on face. Pinning every other day was okay for 4 weeks or so but after became more painful due to bumps in butt cheeks, putting ice and covering up with plastic helped heal faster.

Upon completing course did not do PCT, 85.5kg (188lbs). Testosterone blood work (8 weeks after last injection) 17nmol/L (490ng/dL) and down to 81kg (178lbs), lost moderate strength gains. Bad acne breakouts on shoulders appeared after cycle but cleaned up on their own by week 9. Erection, ball size remained the same, but did feel more tired and reduced appetite afterwards. Blood work also indicated lowered kidney filtration and high creatinine levels so I will be reducing salt intake, next test in 3 months will show the difference.

Overall experience is positive, next cycle will be taken more seriously (with pct) and prolly longer with different compounds!!

Thank you for sharing. I wouldn’t advocate cycling with this type of discipline though. You’re risking your health and HPTA for something that you might not keep up with.


I have known guys that only go to the gym when they’re on cycle, and one guy in particular has tried every well known compound available (test, deca, tren, mast, dbol, etc.). None of them have any muscle to show for it. Are they bigger than the average person? Maybe a little but certainly not bigger than the average gym rat. Overall they’re weak (physically and mentally) and undisciplined.

My point is that I agree with @blshaw. It sounds like you have above average test levels before you tried you first cycle. You should have plenty of “genetics” to work with without using AAS to get you started. The risk to benefit ratio just isn’t there to justify this.

Good post and I think this is accurate and falls in line with the experience most people have.

EDIT: To clarify, it is absolutely your right to cycle if you choose to do so, regardless of natural levels. Just try to maintain consistency in the gym otherwise you won’t be getting enough out of the gear to justify the on and off gym lifestyle