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1st Cycle Ever Using HGH


Hello all,

I am taking my very 1st cycle of riods, ever, so I've never taken any roids, just to be clear in case the title was ambiguous.

So I am 28yrs old, 178cm or 5'10" , and I am over weight 190lbs or 86 kilo. I am about 20% bodyfat, most likely due to a poor metabolism. I am an endomorph and I am pear shaped, so my BF is distributed pretty evenly throughout my body, thus a lot of it is in my ass and thighs.

I have been working out for 6 years and I am pretty strong but have NOT been able to produce an aesthetically pleasing figure.

My goal is to achieve:
17 to 18 inch or 47cm arms and big forearms
Big shoulders
Big upper back
9 to 12% BF and thus a six pack
Lose the weight in my ass and thighs

Ultimately I would like to be 175lbs or 79kilo at 10% BF or lower. So I donâ??t want to get huge, I would like to have Van Wilder's type body.

I have wide shoulders and large Pecs, so by achieving those goals above, I would effectively even out my body and thus look pretty good.

SO that all the background info...

I want to take roids but I was wondering if I could just take HGH? Because I need to lose a lot of BF and I donâ??t want to deal with side effects like balding because I am highly prone to it, I am already on Rogaine and finasteride.

  1. Can you recommend the dosage, frequency and duration.

  2. Also I have read quite a bit on HGH but am still not sure as to the post cycle supplements I would need to take. Some say you donâ??t need anything and natural GH production kicks back in within a few hours.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Van Wilder troll is not be fed.


Oh boy. I really want to believe you are a troll but that twinge of sympathy I am feeling leads me to think you are for real.

Before we go any further at all, please outline what your typical diet and training regime looks like. You will probably feel compelled to embellish certain areas or leave out certain unpleasant truths, but just remember that you will only be hurting yourself by doing so.

Once we get around to talking about an actual cycle (or NOT doing one, which is also a pretty big possibility), you are going to be obligated to do a little more leg work on what your actual plan is. We do not write up cycles for people without being paid for it. Now if somebody is interested in sending me money for such a service, the PM function can be found by clicking on my profile... :wink:


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This is the embodiment of almost everything this forum hates to see. All it needs now are pics, and an aggressive response to our not taking him seriously.

How are you already a level 2 having only joined this month?


Who is van wilder and why does that mean he is a troll? Is that some American joke i don't get??


I don't know guys, remember Mykl (Mikyl, Mycl whatever the hell it was?) with his porphyria and his dad's navy program? Fat T-man? Some of these guys really are for real with this stuff.

I hope I am proven wrong, though...


Around the 24th down.


Now that is strange...


He probably bought a shit load of Biotest products immediately after creating the userid.


Lol. That crossed my mind, no doubt, but you have to realize that that's a shiteload of money to get there. IMO at least. i guess it explains why he can afford plenty of GH.


I guess that's why I'm still a level 0 ;-(


Eh I'm a level 4 and I haven't spent all that much money on supplements. Mainly I pruchase L-Leucine powder and Surge Workout Fuel. As to the OP being a level 2...my guess would be he created this account using same info as the account he normally uses and thus all the info (incuding level) is the same.


Brook - Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) looks like and american version of your buddy David Beckham...by american version I mean he is a little bigger and has that all american apple pie look to him where beckham looks kind of weasely euro look to him. I am sure you would be a fan.

OP - listen to cortes because he is legitimately trying to help you and is probably your best chance at improving your body composition. Drugs will not help you unless your training and diet are good. We need to know what your training and diet are like before we can help you.


But Ryan Reynolds 100% Canadian from Vancouver, BC. I thought you would know that FuriousGeorge. He always had a accent.

OP, how much money are you prepare to spend on this whole thing?
Drugs, coaching, other restorative method etc.

Ryan Reynolds said he hated weight training in a interview, but he had to do it for the movies. He gained substantial amount of muscle and lost fat in 2 months prior to the filming of "Blade Trinity" in 2004.


Hmm (it's on!).

So he has a weasely physique like yours.....? :wink: