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1st Cycle, EQ 2000mg & Test Prop 1000mg


I got my EQ and Test in today and have researched on how to cycle it, but I would rather have one tailored to me and my goals. I was thinking maybe a 10 wk cycle with 200 mg of EQ/wk and then 150 mg Test Prop/wk also. Ideally, I would like to have no side effects from this cycle, especially the man boobs..and most importantly the hair.

I already have a slight receding hairline and would like to keep it there. I'd love thoughts and/or modifications to this cycle.

Goal: Gain strength, increase endurance/work capacity

Height 5'9
Weight 170 lbs
High Bar Back Squat-350# Deadlift-400# Bench-240# Snatch-155# C&J 225#

I train/lift anywhere from 2-4 hours daily and also would like some advice on optimal nutrition for this cycle too. Help from experienced and more knowledgeable people would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks!


Lemme get one in here before everyone readies their torches.

First of all, buy more drugs. Your doses are far far too low. 150mg of test will shut you down while providing zero benfit, and because its prop, you will need to inject it ED or EOD at least due to a short half life, which I somehow dont believe you were planning on doing. Minimum 500mg test. Also equipoise is typically considered weak, probably pointless at that dose also.

I hear no mention of AI, of SERM, or any proposed PCT.

You need alot more research, pal.


PS Tailored by whom? This kind of statement typically doesnt go over well around here, you are really expected to perform such planning yourself.


Your doses are far too low. You would be better off ditching the gear and focusing on your diet and training.

And why the fuck are you training up to 4 hours a day?

Optimal nutrition would be the same as if you were not on a cycle. Maybe just increase the macros some. You need to go do some research and learn more. This is not a place to come be spoon fed.


I thought you were gonna say 2000mg of Eq and 1000mg of Test a week and I was like GAW DAMN.


Training includes stretching, warm-up, strength/conditioning, cool down, can become time consuming, really only about 90 minutes tops of actual lifting. I switched it to Test E 500mg/wk 10 wks. I also have some Test Prop 10mg, 100 mg/ml lying around. Should I save for future cycle or front load?

Weeks 1-10 Test E 250mg Mon&Thurs
Weeks 1-10 Armidex 0.25 mg EOD
Weeks 13-16 Nolva 100mg/100/mg/50mg/50mg
Also have HCG 5000 IU, still working on where I want to fit that in. I'd rather keep it fairly basic this first time around, now that I've researched it more.


I was really excited to read the post when I saw that...it ended quickly.

OP, are you running Nova or clomid at 100 mg a day?


Sorry for the confusion on the post..that would be super crazy to run that weekly for me. Another type. Nolva wil be 40/40/20/20.


Also, off-subject. I ordered my gear through a website. They forgot to add in the finasteride I orderd, I've sent in claims for my missing product through them, but haven't heard from them since I made the original purchase. Should I just chalk this up as a loss?


That's why I clicked on it too :slight_smile:


Yeah, I wish I could edit that : /


Depends on the source. Won't hurt to order more and worst case scenario both come.


Depends on the source. Won't hurt to order more and worst case scenario both come.