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1st Cycle Dbol/Test Cyp|Enth


W1-7 600mgs/W Test-Cyp
W8 600mgs/W Test-Enth
W1-3|6-8 30mgs LiquidDbol ED

W13-clear time
W1-18 10mgs Exemastane(aromasin)ED
W14-20 20mgs Tamoxifen/Clomiphene(nolva)ED
Pin size- 23g 1"


IMO you're still a little young, but it's your life and HTPA.

It looks fine to me, but 20mg of Dbol is not much. Work your way up to 40-50mg ED and see how you react to it.

I'm on 60mg of dbol ED and in my 3th week. I take some liver protect supps and drink about 3 liters of water every dag (next to other liquids like milk etc). After 5 weeks I'll stop with the dbol.

I've read many studies about the actual liver toxicity of dbol and although it is far from healthy you shouldn't freak out about 4 weeks in a year or so.

Just restrain yourself from drinking alcohol while ON.


@Dahollow- Thanks for the input I have never ran a compound like Dbol before so I wasnt sure what I should set my does to but will make the adjustment!


I'm not an experienced juicer, just started my first cycle today. But personally man, your training doesn't look in-line enough to be considering juicing. Just the fact that you don't know your PR's off by heart is kind of a huge warning sign. I remember the day I benched 225 for the first time, the day i hit 315, the day i hit 405 and my last PR which was 415. Thats the same for ALL of my lifts. Also the ACSM Personal training thing, hopefully you use your discretion with the information they give you, cuz i have my PT Cert, and most of the shit they teach you is utter bullshit.

Also. there is no such bodybuilder as "Sergio Nubret", you're mixing up 2 different black guys.

Also, I believe having an "AI" on hand isn't of much use because it takes time to build up to proper blood levels. Having a SERM like Nolva on hand is likely a better idea, while still running an AI for the duration of your cycle.

Lastly i disagree with the above poster on using that high of a Dbol dose. If 60mg works for him thats great, however its also purely subjective. I know of guys having fantastic results with 20-30mg ED, and going higher than that only increases sides instead of better gains.


@BigJJ88- Thanks for your OPINION but Ill take the advice from the experienced guys.
Just because I dont know my maxes doesnt mean shit about my training experience some guys
arent in it for strength its called body building for a reason if I was a power lifter obviously
thats another story.
and for you to comment on my AI and yet state your not an experienced juicer makes me wonder why your imputing
on my cycle log.
and ACSM is the gold standard in personal training plus I have a college degree to prove it.


No need to get all worked up about someone trying to HELP you. You posted on here for advice and feedback, it's immature to then get aggravated at someone who gave you CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. If he was purely criticising for the sake of it then your attitude would be justified, but what he said was constructive.

I agree with you in that not knowing what your 1 rep max is, doesn't indicate anything about your training. I don't know what my 1 rep max is either, firstly because I have no one to spot me, secondly, knowing my 1 rep max isn't of any benefit to me. I know the maximum amount I can do for reps, which in my opinion, is all I need to know.

BigJJ88 was correct about the AI though. Taking an AI is not fast acting, having it 'on hand' isn't going to be of much benefit, by the time it kicks in, it may be too late. You should run your AI for the duration of your cycle, to help prevent any side effects from occuring. If symptoms are already occuring, you should use a SERM like nolvadex to try to help get it under control.

So to sum up; take an AI during cycle, keep extra Nolva on hand incase any symptoms appear, as well as using your nolva for PCT.

I do have a question however, what's your definition of '8+ years of steady training'? 8 Years ago you were 13, I'm not saying it's impossible for anyone to have been training since that age, but it would be surprising.



Yeah, that's not true. You've never even used dbol, so let's take it down a notch.


Thanks AEON, I was a little worked up over his constructive criticism because it seemed to be more of taking a shot at me then helping me.
I havent started my cycle yet but I will change it so that I am using an AI during. What doses should I run? I will buy more nolva so I have extra on hand and for PCT, will tamoxifen work?
As for training I started earlier than most and at age 14 I started high school football and weight training was a priority from then on till now.


Thanks :wink:


so 20-30 ED will be ok?


I also think 20 is too low. If you only want to take 20, take it all preworkout. I'd do 50, 10 morning, 10 afternoon, 20 preworkout, 10 a few hours later. I try not to take it before bed because it gives me bad heartburn lol.


30 is fine

No need for 50mg/d on a first cycle.

Although it is certainly true that more drugs will allow for better gains.


Much appreciated Bones


Alrighty! Expecting to start within the next week or two, I've made some finishing touches on my first cycle and was hoping to hear what you guys have to say before I set sail.

W1-10 600mg Test-Cyp E3D
W1-4 30mg ?mg Liquid Dbol ED
W1-12 ?mg Exemastane ED
W10-12 ?mg Tamoxifen/Clomiphene Citrate ED

Thanks again!


I was in no way attempting to take a shot at you, just an honest opinion. The first thing I mentioned was that I was not experienced, and although I'm usually 99% sure of my information, I say this because I would never want to mis-lead someone. Id rather they double check anything I've suggested. I also have a University BSc and double major in biology and psychology, but all of the weight training protocols and methods I use today have very little root as a result of my post secondary education. Good luck with your cycle, according to your most recent post, your PCT is incorrectly timed. Proper usage is laid out in the sticky.


you need to work on your PCT for sure read the stikies


No hard feelins partna! Thanks for the help


Starting today! Made the final touches, please give me your input!

W1-10 600mgs Test-Cyp E3D
W1-4 30mgs Liquid Dbol ED
W10-16 20mgs Exemastane(aromasin)ED
W10-16 20mgs Tamoxifen/Clomiphene(nolva)ED

Pin size- 23g 1"


Start today made the final touches please add your suggestions!

W1-10 600mgs Test-Cyp E3D
W1-4 30mgs Liquid Dbol ED
W10-14 20mgs Exemastane(aromasin)ED
W10-16 20mgs Tamoxifen/Clomiphene(nolva)ED

Pin size- 23g 1"