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1st Cycle Dbol Only - PCT Discussion

Hello everyone,

Small bit of background, I have been reasearching steroids on and off
for about 3 years now and after many different considerations and
definatley some over thinking I have decided that I would like to try
them. I have been training on and off since the age of 18, but i have
been training properly for the last 4 (I am now 27)

I dont drink, take drugs or smoke and I am serious about my training
and diet. I would like to push that little extra bit further and see how
it goes.

I have a few different reasons for choosing a DBOL only cycle as my
first cycle, the main reason being that I would like to see how steroids
interact with me physically and mentally. It really is an experiment
and I know that it is a very light cycle, if I do make some gains then
great but like I said its more of a starter to see how I go. If all goes
well I will look into doing a Test E or C and Dbol cycle next time.

I have attached my simple 6 week pyramid stack at the bottom of this post.

My PCT looks like this:

- Clomid 10 Days 50mg ED

- Tamoxifen 7 Days 20mg ED – then 16 Days Tamoxifen 10mg ED

I have a slight concern, which is that im not sure if I have enough
tamoxifen (I have x30 10mg tabs) My understanding is that I may possibly
need some tamoxifen to combat sides during my cycle, in which case if I
did use some, I would not have enough for my PCT. I am also concerned
that I dont have enough clomid (I only have the 10 50mg tabs). I may
have some trouble getting some more tamoxifen and clomid for the moment,
but if need be I will have to postpone my cycle.

(I will also be throwing in some essentiale forte 300mg caps for the liver)

Any help or feedback would be much appreciated.

I personally think oral steroids are a waste of time unless they are used as a kick start at the beginning of a cycle or toward contest prep.

Aswell as being hepatoxic to the liver, the results from something like DBOL are short lived once discontinued…

I would jump straight into a 500mg per week Test E cycle; the results are profound, it is “healthier” and the gains you make can be kept for quite some time with a good PCT, training and diet etc before cycling again.

As for your cycle plan (and any basic cycle) you would need an AI on cycle, not a SERM. Use one of your SERMs for PCT. 20mg Tamoxifen for 6 weeks would be good. HCG during the cycle is also recommended.


that’s a stupid fucking cycle.


the pyramiding thing is dumb. I understand the idea of ramping up to your max dose to really try to figure out how you best respond to the drug, but ramping down at the end has absolutely no value to you whatsoever. I’m assuming you are doing this because you think it will help with recovery from the cycle or something. It won’t work that way. Once you reach the highest dose you intend to use, stay at it. If it were me, I’d start at 30 and stay there the whole time, because there’s basically no chance you’ll really get anything out of less than that. This looks like a ‘I’m scared of steroids’ cycle. If you’re scared, wait. If you’re not scared, do it the right way.

Don’t use clomid and tamox together. pick one or the other and have plenty on hand for pct. your pct should be just the tamox, the way you laid it out. 3 weeks should be enough.

don’t use tamox during the cycle. use an ai like arimidex, starting on the first day, and dose it at about .3mg/wk, split over 3 doses.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above advice is if you’re not willing to use injectable test. a legitimate test cycle is a far better idea, using dbol as a kickstarter.

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Thanks for the advice, iv already planned a Test E cycle not but im really not going to be able to afford it for a long time so I may still go ahead and do this DBOL cycle now as I have it lying around.

I will do 6weeks at 30mg like you suggested, I understand that the Arimidex I can get comes in 1mg tabs, can I easily split it into 0.3?

Howcome I wont need to use clomid in my PCT? wont I need it to get my nuts firing properly?

Thanks again


You only need clomid OR tamox. Not both. They are both SERMS. You would know that these 2 products do the same thing if you had done the proper reading… As has been discussed in several threads on here, running tamox with clomid is counterproductive.

I’ve never split pills, but I know you can buy pill cutters. This is why I buy liquid arimidex. Easier to adjust dose. But I think you misunderstood what I was saying about the arimidex. To do what I suggested, you would have to split it up into .1 tabs, and take .1 tabs 3 times per week. You won’t be able to do that.

This is kind of a problem. You don’t want to tank your estrogen, but if you use adex at all, it could happen easily, given that your adex is in pill form and you can’t dose it low enough. This is yet another reason why it makes more sense to run test…

Why don’t you just wait until you can do a real cycle? I really don’t feel good about giving you advice other than that at this point.

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Exactly this… Why people try and scrounge together a shitty random cycle rather than put together a simple Test cycle is beyond me.

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