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1st Cycle - Curve Ball


First thank you of check out this thread. This is my first cycle, but unfortunately I was thrown a curveball after picking up my compounds today. My cycle was supposed to be:

W1-10: TestEnth 250 E3D
W1-4: Dbol 10mg/3x day

Adex and nova on hand if needed and for PCT.

The gear I received is a blend.. Not the Test E that I anticipated. It's 40mg prop, 60 mg phenylpropionate, 100mg enth and 100mg cyp.. It looks like it is close to sust 300... To add to this.. He gave me dbol in 50 mg capsules.. I am beginning to feel like I was taken... I would just like an opinion on dosing or timing. Any input or advice is appreciated. Thanks.


You sir were hooked up with the Dbol. 50mg tabs are convienient. And the blend you can run E3D as well. No curveball here. Infact you'll notice results a little quicker with the faster esters in the blend. Run your AI from day one. You can break the Dbol in half at first if you feel you need to. But 50mg is the sweet spot for me


agreed on the dbol. nothing wrong with that. I use 50mg caps. Very convenient. I did my first cycle with 25/day, but 50 will be just fine, assuming dbol treats you well. If you hate it, you can always stop it early. I doubt you will though. Ross, he did mention caps, not tabs, so I doubt he could cut the dose in half.

DEFINITELY run the AI from the start, especially since you've got short esters mixed in. Plus the dbol acts fast. You DON'T want the side effects of high estrogen to surface. Treating them after-the-fact is a difficult task. Much better to prevent them.

And E3D is fine. Should be a good run.


Thanks a lot, Fellas. Thanks for the input on using AI from the start. I have enough adex to get me through.

Yes they are capsules with a white powder inside.. I have gelatin capsules I picked up so I can split the doses up a bit.

So now the cycle looks like this:

W1-10: Test blend 300 mg EOD
W1-4: 10mg 3x daily
W1-12: 0.25 mg Adex EOD- 0.125mg OED final week
W13: Nolva: 20mg 2xdaily
w14-16: Nolva 20mg daily


Good deal man. Keep an eye out for signs of high E while running Dbol. I had to bump up my AI a little while running it. So for you maybe .25mg ED or .5M EOD might be the next step of .25mg EOD isn't cutting it. Everybody is different. Also your going to want at least 20-30mg Dbol about 45 min pre workout. That's where I get the most out of it.


Sounds good. I have plenty of AI so I should be gtg for the length of cycle


your pct is not good. read the threads KSMAN and Cycobushmaster have started on this forum to learn how you should do it.


I'll take a deeper look. From what I've read from cycobushmaster the nolva will increase LH and Test with the inclusion of Aromisin, but everything I've read so far is saying use Arimidex 0.25mg EOD and use Nolva PCT. I have everything with rhe exception of my PCT. I still have a few weeks to make some tweaks. No sense in starting if I don't have PCT nailed down.


Nolva is good for PCT, but your dosing is off. More is not better. The highest it should be is 20mg/day, and it should taper off as you end your PCT to even lower dosing.


Thanks Flip.

so rather than loading at 40mg w1 PCT I should planning as: 20/20/20/10/10/10 .


now, here's the thing:

I get that the current trend is to recommend a lower dose of SERMs for PCT than is traditionally used, but I'm not into it.

I'm no scientist, but I do know what works. Fact is that the standard nolva at 40/40/20/20 or clomid at 50/50/50/50 has proven effective time and time again for PCT (I do like to taper my SERMs down after the 4 weeks though, always have).

I'll certainly not be lowering my SERM doses anytime soon, and I am pretty sure I'll continue to recover just fine.



I often think about this too but i am new fairly new to AAS. I have ran two cycles, both 500mg test p/w, one pct of nolva and clomid, one pct of just nolva at a dose no higher than 20mg tapered down. Recovery from both cycles felt very similar.

I'd appreciate it if you would share a bit or info for me.

How many cycles have you ran?

Do you have a baseline for your blood work before you started and how does it look now?

Have you tried PCT with both Clomid and Nolva as generally recommended by shadow pro?

Do you prefer clomid over nolva having used both separately?

Do you run HCG with your cycles?