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1st Cycle Critique


hello all, for starters let me tell you a little about myself.
Height: 6'2"
weight: 215lbs
bf%: 13-15%
Age: 23
Experience: Lifted for almost 5 years continuously except for a 4 month deployment that made it hit or miss.
goal: all out mass, ill worry about cutting later when I feel I am big enough, say 250+

here is a layout of what I plan to use on my first cycle (using bonez advice and sticking to something short and sweet)


Week 1 - Test E 1000mg front load
Week 2-8 - Test E 250mg/E3d
week 2-10 HCG 300iu/e3d
Week 1-4 Dbol 40 mg/day
week 5-10 Winny tabs 50mg/day
week 2-10 aromisan 12.5 mg/(eod or e3d??)


Week 11 - 40mg Nolva
Week 12-14 - 20 mg Nolva

my question to you guys...is there anything here youguys dont approve of based on experience? I know the winny at the endof the cycle looks weird but after doing some research it looks like having a fast acting/low androgenic aas at the end of the cycle would be alot better leading all the way up to PCT vs just letting the test exit your system. I also have adex on hand if you think that would be better than aromasin.

Once again, thanks for all your help!!


You can introduce the HCG latter -- . I would personally cease it at the same time as your test E and run a low dose adex untill your test clears...but the key is keeping estro in check in the lead up to PCT, so if you keep it adjust the adex accordingly

You're on some form of oral for 10 weeks --- there is probably some risk associated with this. That said, i like to finish my cycle with something fast acting (which doesnt aromatise) while i wait for longer esters to clear.

Other than that it looks OK.


Concerning the orals, I would use them before training only if you're planning on running them for the entire cycle. I agree with LR that it's better to finish the cycle with fast acting compounds, I would use the Dbol in weeks 5-10.