1st Cycle Critique


You must have done a meager amount of research then…

While on cycle, it’s advisable to use an AI like Arimidex or Aromasin. NOT a SERM like nolvadex which you’re planning on using.

And then PCT wise, you don’t need clomid and nolva. To be perfectly honest, 4 weeks of 20mg nolva ED would suit you well.

You mentioned retaining your gains as well-- a test taper seems to be the best approach when it comes to that. Do some searching around this forum and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And a dbol kick start is unnecessary, and will any effects you could get from it won’t even be noticeable at 20mg anyway… esp. seeing how you claim to weigh 240.

My advice:

  1. ditch the nolva, dbol, and clomid
  2. use a test taper
  3. Lengthen your cycle an extra two weeks at the same dose, or cut it back by two weeks with an increased dose

I’m not sure how tall you are or what sort of body composition you have since there are no pictures, but if you have a good amount of fat, then I’d suggest running 12 weeks at 500mg/wk opposed to something shorter and higher because of the risk of aggravating estrogen related side effects.


I am 5’11 (forgot to mention that in OP) and attached is a pic.

Yeah, you need to lean out considerably before picking up AAS. You’re just asking for a ton of estro related sides with that physique.

And sorry to tell you, but you’re surely not at 15%.

You need to check out a thread called “jake’s pre cycle” thread or something similar.

You need to do what he did, but probably for a longer period of time to get rid of all that fat and an environment less conducive for side effects.


ok Thx. I should cut before AAS then…

15% was just a guess :slight_smile:

Maybe 1 year ago i was down to 205 and started bulking. I am now weighing in at 240 consistently.

I looked up the Arimidex and it seems the general consensus infers that 1mg ED would be sufficient…

Thanks for your input… now off to read the jakes pre cycle thread…

You apparently didn’t look hard enough buddy…

A milligram of Adex ED is overkill-- big time. A good way to use Adex is .25mg E3D and only increase the frequency of the dose, not the dose itself, if your symptoms are still bad.



Yea, drop the clomid. And no, during that time, if you are not doing a taper, you don’t need to take anything before the Nolva.

Good call on waiting bud. The period leading up to one’s first cycle can be more important than the cycle itself. Prepare well now and be prepared to reap the glorious benefits.

However, I highly recommend using the stasis and taper over nolva…

And don’t forget, use an AI only when necessary… namely, when your nips start getting weird.


So essentially the .25mg Adex e3d should be started when symptoms occur and increased in frequency [not dosage] until symptoms disappear?

Also, I have 20 vials of 250mg test-e

Would a good taper be:

week 1-8 500mg + .25 mg Adex e3d
week 9-13 250mg + .25 mg Adex e3d
week 15: 40mg nolva ed
week 16: 30mg nolva ed
week 17-18: 20mg nolva ed

I am using multiples of 250 to make it easier.

No search for stasis taper.



[quote]Brentikus405 wrote:
So a taper would be like:

week 1-8 500mg test + .25 mg Adex e3d
week 9: 250mg test + .25 mg Adex e3d
week 10-11: 125mg test + .25 mg Adex e3d
week 12-13: 50mg test + .25 mg Adex e3d
week 14-15: 25mg test + .25 mg Adex e3d
Week 16: 40mg nolva ed
Week 17: 30mg nolva ed
Week 18-19: 20mg nolva ed

Thanks for bearing with me[/quote]

No still not right. And it still appears as though you havent read the thread.

Just read the damned thread so you know what we mean.



So then apply it to your cycle.

Starting week 11 for the next 6 weeks, run 100mg/wk and then drop it down 20mg each week till you’re to nothing.

Not that fucking complicated…



I’ll be specific…

If you do the stasis and the taper, standard nolva PCT is not needed and should be avoided. However, if during your stasis you have gyno, that would be the time to use nolva at 20mg a day until the symptoms of gyno are gone.

During the stasis and taper, you want to stay away from AIs (adex) altogether. AIs for on cycle only when necessary and SERMs for your post-cycle period if you have gyno.

Now cycle-wise here are your two options:

not so lean: 500mg/wk for 12 weeks requiring 5-6 weeks of stasis and 5-6 of taper


Lean: 800-900mg/wk for 8 weeks followed by a 4 week stasis and 5 week taper

My advice for you is to lean up and do option two.

What to take into consideration for this post:

1.) consider your cycle length and dosage
2.) use the AI only as necessary, don’t start it till your nipples start feeling weird or itch
3.) ditch the nolva altogether unless you have gyno symptoms after 12 weeks
4.) lean up


[quote]Brentikus405 wrote:

Look like I need to get some more test because i only have 5000mg.
Above you said 20 vials you must have meant amps.
Yes since you aren’t starting this cycle till fall anyway get yourself a few more amps of Test. That way you can do the 500x12 run and the taper. Here’s another thing to keep in mind and World referenced this as well. If you could drop 20lbs of fat or so you would be a prime candidate for a higher dosed cycle. If you’re 240 now getting down to 220 without losing muscle would enable you to likely achieve great results with a higher shorter dosage. Instead of 2CC’s a week running 3CC’s a week or thereabout for 9 weeks and then tapering out. You could do a nice gaining cycle off just 30CC’s. So get yourself another 10 amps. Do what you gotta do this summer and get ready for your fall cycle.
As aforementioned, at your weight 220 lets call it. 30mg ED is a bare bones minimum of dbol. 50mg ED is more appropriate. Keep that in mind should you decide to order.