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1st Cycle Check


I'm 23, been training well for 5 years, and at 190 pounds about 11% BF. So I have decided to run my first cycle and have been doing a lot of research on the subject matter. My goals for this cycle are to gain as much muscle as I can. I basically have a rough draft of my first cycle here and am posting it with questions I still have regarding specific things.

W 1-12 Test E - 500mg once a week
W 1-6 DBOL - 30mg ED
W 1-12 Arimidex - 0.25mg EOD

start 2 weeks after last injection
W 14-16 Nolvadex - 40mg ED for first 2 weeks; drops to 20mg ED for last week

Additional Questions:
1) Should I take the Test E at 500mg once a week OR 250mg E3D?
2) DBOL for 4 weeks or 6 whats your recommendation?
3) Should I have Nolva on hand during cycle?
4) Should I take liquid Letrozole instead of Adex? If so whats the dosage for it

Any critiques and recommendations is much appreciated, thanks.

  1. more frequent inj equals more stable levels however you probably won't tell a difference with this particular ester.

  2. depends on side effects. 4 weeks will be plenty.

3.absolutely. unless you don't mind moobs.

  1. personal preferance really. do research on common dosages. you may need to adjust it accordingly, everyone is not the same with estrogen related side effects.

how tall are you?


could have sworn it said training 6 years and weigh 185. did you edit it?


6 feet tall

And since posting this I've been looking into info on the forum regarding PCT and ancillaries, since these are the two areas I'm most questionable about right now. Does my PCT seem long enough and or adequate?


technically its been 5 and a half years so I rounded, but then decided to change it


yes except two weeks after 12 weeks would be weeks 15-17, 13 and 14 are a waiting period and you can still take your a.i. during this time.

edit: make pct 4-6 weeks at least a 40 40 20 20


So if I do end up needing the Nolvadex during cycle, if nips start getting tender/puffy, what do you recommend dose wise and for how long?

With PCT I know I don't need Arimidex for it, but I don't need to tamper off it during the 2 weeks in between cycle and PCT do I? Also if I decide to go 6 weeks for PCT it would be 40/40/20/20/10/10 correct


if you start feeling itchiness long as no lumps have formed you should be fine with just upping your a.i.

don't have to taper but it won't hurt.

4 week pct should be fine but if you want to be a little more cautious do 6.if you do 6 weeks i would do 3 weeks f 40 and 2 of 20 and 1 of 10.

you are young so there is more chance of not recovering to where you should.


just in reply to your last point I know PCT wont bring me back to normal but won't you return to normal during the time after PCT? Cycle + time between + PCT = time until you should do another cycle. In that time in between cycles, when off of everything, you return to normal don't you?


that is the goal, yes, but there are no guarantees.