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1st Cycle, Can't Get Proviron or Arimidex

Hi guys
I need some help.
Iâ??m running cyoionate for 10 weeks (first cycle) and for PCT Nolvadex.
I was told to do arimedex through the cycle or proviron.
The problem I’m having is that I know two guys that sell gear and both of them don’t have proviron or arimedex and don’t know when they are gonna get them.
I’ve read and people have told me it cuts down on the gains you could have gotten. And just have Nolvadex on hand in case of any side effects.
Btw I have already have Nolva for PCT
Any thoughts???.. What should I do???.. Can I run cypionate by itself without proviron or arimedex??

read the sticky right above your post called “SERM and AI Sticky”, make an attempt at figuring it out yourself and then ask for help