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1st Cycle best?

I know that people say your 1st cycle is best, but is it because your receptors are “fresh”, or because your the farthest away from your genetic potential. Most people say a test and deca or primo stack, maybe with a touch of dbol, and people will retain 15-25 lbs if clomid is used,etc. But say someone does an only deca cycle for their 1st cycle at 400 mg for 8 weeks, and then 2 months later, does a cycle of 500mg test and 400 mg deca for 8 weeks (using clomid properly after both cycles)

Would the 2 cycles equal the same amount o net weight gain as the one cycle provided diet and training,rest are in order? Some people say it’s better to start small (no test) and work your way up with each sucsessive cycle. I’d like everyone’s opinion on this.

It’s simply not true that the first cycle is
necessarily the best.

My best cycle was, if I’ve counted correctly,
my 8th. Yes, of course, this was not after
being at a personal best and then going past
that, but regains – nonetheless, still the
most gains, and I was starting from a substantially better point than what my first
cycle was, too.

Or take the notorious “Colorado Experiment”:
I’m sure that was not Casey Viator’s first
cycle, but it was surely his best.

There is zero evidence that androgen receptors
or any part of the body engages in a “count”
of how many cycles have been done and reacts
according to that number.