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1st Cycle....Arimidex and Proviron Questions


Hey guys...thinking in doing my first cycle

Quick stats:

240 lbs
30 y/o
Been training for 8 years
goal: add 10 or 15 pounds of muscle and get off the plateau im in now :expressionless:

want to do the basic stack: 10 weeks
500 mg / week of test cyp
300mg?? / week of deca (is that ok or 400mg will be better??)
I have some herbs for the liver

3 weeks after...pct
nolvadex and some test booster for 3 weeks

so the questions:

1) I have arimidex 1mg pills...I know i have to take 0.25 mg eod...i think i can cut that little pill in half ...is 0.5 mg eod to much?....maybe 0.5mg e3d?

2) Proviron....I have done my research and I've seen mainly 2 ways to take it... 50mg every day all the 10 weeks...or 50mgs daily just the last weeks 6th -10th week....any inputs on this?

Thanks for the replies!


1mg of adex E3D will be adequate, though 0.5 EOD will be work, though you may need to titrate to individual tolerance.

Lose the test booster for PCT.

injectable steroids wont have any impact on the liver.

I personally, wouldn't use Deca in a first cycle, if you have elevated prolactin it will complicate matters.

750mg test a week for 10 weeks would be sufficient IMO, start PCT week 12 with Nolvadex for 30 days, using 60mg first 5 days, 40mg days 5-10 then 11-30 20mgs ED, I used to prefer clomid but that stuff isn't very popular nowadays.


there really is no need to run that much nolvadex, especially if he tapers his adex off into his pct..

Op I really don't understand why you would want to run such a shit drug like deca..it's a shit drug.

You should use Dbol instead.


yeah i read about prolactin issues and the deca dick ....its just a friend of mine old school told me he used it and its great...well every body is different...i think im gonna keep it simple and just do the test cyp....so what about the proviron?...al the 10 weeks 50mg a day or just 6th - 10th week??


I was a PCT crash and burner, so I always opted for a more aggressive PCT and found it to be more effective, so advocated one for this guy. As this is his first cycle so won't know how his body will react, I believe there are potentially more problems to be encountered using a lower dose than erring on the liberal side and incorporating more SERM into the PCT.

Obviously, what worked for me may not be suitable for him...


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And what if he says "So I can look like Ronnie Coleman" lol