1st Cycle-Anavar Only for Competition Grappler

Hello all,

I am 27 yrs old and have been training for most my life. Thinking of taking 40mg pd for 6 weeks (i know this is low but only weigh 160 lbs @ 5ft “4”)

I am trying to cut weight for competition whilst trying to keep as much lean body mass as poss.

My stats:
Height: 5 “4”
Weight: 160 lbs @ 8% bf

I need to cut another 6 lbs whilst keeping as much lean bodymass as poss, thats where the Var comes in.

Any criticism would b appreciated, any superior stack / liver protection (do i need 1?) / PCT (do i need 1?) advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Many thanks.

Wow, cutting another 6 lbs while you are at 8%BF should be interesting, 40mgs per day is ok…

When is your event/competition, 6 weeks from now?

The var will help a bit with strength, fat loss, and energy (some times people will feel low energy towards the end of a var-only cycle due to what is going on in your body with regards to estrogen).

Anyways, you do not need liver protection at that dose for that duration, PCT would be a good idea, like either Nolvadex at 20mgs a day for 3 weeks or Clomid at 100-150mgs a day for 3 weeks… Alas, anavar is not hugely suppressive, so at that dose of oxandralone and with the PCT you should be fine.

If you find you are losing to much muscle or want a little better assistance, an additional 20mgs of var per day would really be a more appropriate dose. Anavar is extremely mild, very expensive, and often faked, so remember that! If you are start to see rapid changes in muscle size/water retention, you are not on anavar, most likely something like Anadrol or D-Bol.

Someone really needs to write an anavar/winny/oral only sticky


Thanks for your reply, okay i will def go for some Nolva PCT, i may also get some TRIBEX.

yes i now have 5 weeks b4 my comp, plan on starting the Var tomorrow, i did have some Milk Thistle but on yr advise i will give it a miss unitl post cycle.

I reshearched the product i was buying quite well, it looks legit, if i dont get the same thing through the post i wont take it… but thx for the heads up :slight_smile: