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1st Cycle Almost Over

Hey guys,

So I’m nearing the end of my very first cycle and I gotta say, I’m very happy with the results. So I started with the typical 1st timer plan of test only for 12 weeks. I used Test Cypionate @ 600mg/week as it was readily available to me and also pretty cheap. I think I paid $50 per 10ML bottle. 300mg/ML I used about three of them.

Around the 10 week mark I was unhappy with the results. I started with a pretty flabby medium sized dad bod and after 10 weeks of rigorous training, dieting, and plenty of test I could barely see the results of my hard work. I talked to a few people who said that I may need to up the dose to around 1,200mg/week to see crazy results. I was honestly not thrilled about having to do that much and I had a bottle of Tren E laying around so I decided to mix some of the tren in with the test. I know they usually work well together but it’s not recommended for first timers. Well guys, I gave it a go and so far I’m very happy I did. I have almost zero side effects other than a few hot flashes now and then and I have amazing results after only 3 weeks. I’m very impressed with the tren but now I’m worried because I deviated from my original plan and now I’m not sure what I should do for PCT. originally I was planning on doing a 2 week test taper plus 1 week of Nolva 20mg/2x daily.

Is that plan still going to work for me?

Oh the dose of Tren E has been 400mg/week plus a small test dose of 300mg/week as I have read it’s better to keep the test dose a bit lower than the tren dose to combat the sides

So glad you did not listen to those guys that recommended 1,200mg/week on your first cycle. What dumb asses.
Did you take before and after picts?

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I very much doubt you’ll have seen the results from the Tren yet…

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All of this is horrifically wrong, holy crap. You didn’t get results from 600mg of Test a week? Your diet and training are crap, no way around it, sorry.
600mg is already more than a first time user should take. You should be able to get results with 300-400 week, and certainly 500.

Part of your problem was starting a cycle with a dad bod and being out of shape. That’s not what steroids are for. Get in shape first, then improve on it with steroids if you so need. Now you’ve risked a lot and gained very little. What you’ve gained on 3 weeks of Tren you will more than likely lose after cycle due to your training and diet. That amount or Tren is already way too much.

Best of luck with recovery and keeping your gains. Stop listening to whom ever recommended 1200mg of Test. One of the craziest things I’ve heard for a first time user.


They gave you a valuable piece of information. Now you know for sure that you never have to listen to them again. If they tell you anything else you may ignore them because they have no idea what the f**k they’re talking about.


Who, as a first timer just has bottles of Tren laying around? Sounds like bullshit to me. Sounds like you were listening to much to the guy telling you to bump to 1200mg a week.


Oh, and I hope your PCT is a joke, it would have been bad even without the addition of Tren. Please, never listen to any of your gym buddies again, and do your own research before injecting yourself with drugs. You’re taking Tren E, no clue if it’s similar to Test E, but if so, the sides might not sneak up for another week or so, at which point you won’t be able to stop them because you’re using E which will stay in your system far longer.

First cycle at 600 and no results? Can you say fake or under dosed gear?

Then jumping on Tren at 400/wk? Nope…

Its hard for me to believe there are people out there this misinformed unless they are just trolling…


I was going to ask about his bloodwork to confirm his T levels, but that would have been a waste of time… :joy:


I guarantee his gear is legit and his training diet are not. Even the shittiest labs rarely sell fake test. But there’s loooooots of guys whose diet and training are far too terrible to warrant steroid use.


Is that PCT going to work for you? No.

Don’t taper, just stop. Two weeks later when the test and tren are mostly out of your system start on the Nolvadex at 40 mgs per day for two weeks, then take 20 mgs per day of Nolvadex for another two weeks. This is basic PCT.

Dam Why is everybody busting this newbies balls. I though the group think around here was no AI so everyones E2 should be thru the roof. This should make everyone super compassionate. OH No! Wait a minute high E2 in women is period time and super bitchy mode. Think about it.

Lets give this guy a break he has come here for help and advice not to get his balls busted.

Thx buddy, I appreciate all the helpful answers. I’m not even going to respond to the negative bullshit. I have done a fair amount of research myself. If I listened to my gym buddies I’d be on 1200 mgs of test and I would just be pinning anything I could get my hands on with no plan whatsoever because that’s what they do and somehow it works for them. They’re huge.

I’ll upload before and after pics. Honestly, the test must be fake or weak because I can promise you my diet and training are on point. I spend about an hour in the gym every other day and I ate very healthy lean proteins. Stuff like chicken, brown rice, beans, yogurt, lots of greens, sirloin, etc. I ate a decent sized portion about every 3-4 hours.

As far as getting a blood test, should I just go to my doctor and tell him I’m juicing? I have a feeling he would be upset with me and it would be awkward. Haha

You’ll want to edit your post and remove your manufacturer of your products mate.

Also, being huge isn’t a sign of safely taking steroids. Anyone can abuse AAS and get huge, but it’s their internal organs which will be fucked.

The majority of users on here will practice and preach safe use of AAS as we don’t have a death wish.


I mean a lot of you guys obsess over this shit. I have a very busy life and I’m just trying to make the most out of the time I can get to the gym.

I know I’ll probably get blasted for this but I have two friends who have done steroids for years and years with zero planning, zero PCT never ever taken any ancillaries or anything. They just take a pin of test or tren or mast every once in a while. They’re both freakin huge, neither of them work out or eat healthy. I’m torn in two separate directions. People on here obsess over every detail of their cycles claiming horrible things will happen if you don’t do exactly what they say. But then you have my two buddies who are telling me to stop reading shit and just listen to them and everything will be fine. They actually make fun of me for researching this stuff.

Depends on what your definition of “everything will be fine” means I guess.

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Maybe doing a stupidly high dosage might get you a bit more gains for your first cycle but think about the future, you’ll need high dosages for your next cycles to get anywhere near the same results. Don’t fuck up the receptors because it’s a marathon not a sprint, look after your organs and you’ll continue to have good results over the years of juicing. No point in doing that much gear and having health problems down the line, just stick to the beginner stuff like test deca and dbol, leave the tren until you’ve exhausted everything else. And fuck what your mates say because you can seriously mess yourself up doing it the way they are telling you to, even if you aren’t experiencing any sides.


Of course they’re huge, they’re taking reckless amounts of steroids, most likely year round, and have been for years from what you say.
Soon enough one will end up in the hospital, and you’ll be extremely glad you had the intelligence to not blindly follow them, and rather come on here and start learning.

I’m sorry for being hard on you, but I think everyone here has seen so many disasters happen, and your story is a disaster waiting to happen.

You made no mention of your calorie intake, an hour in the gym every other day is decent but not great - and depends what you do in that hour and what you consider every other day… Monday Wednesday Friday only?

How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

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I’m just here for the comments.

In my Marshawn lynch voice