1st Cycle Almost Over. Considering HCG Monotherapy After Cycle

Age 45 / first cycle:

  1. About 10 weeks in - lower dose, test only for 16 weeks (during winter) - currently 62.5mg EOD delt injection (250mg test depo over 8 days = 218.75/week).

  2. About 6 weeks on HCG - curently 150iu EOD - lovehandle injection on non-test day (Pregnyl, 525iu/week)

  3. Aromasin on hand and cut into 1/16 pieces = 1.5mg - used when felt symptoms of high E2 (used almost 2 pills, 47 mg over the 10 weeks so far).

  4. Significant increase in stamina during workouts.

  5. Significant increase in trap, delts.

  6. Nice increases everywhere else.

  7. Libido down 40-60%; keeping strong erection down 40-60%.

  8. Some chest acne and head acne under hair on sides of head.

  9. No other major sides at this point.

With that out of the way:

  1. My wife and I plan to have one more child in about 2 years; thus the use of HCG to make sure everything continues working and fertility is kept as much as possible.
  2. My plan was to do the same 16 week cycle next winter with 8 months off and try to keep as much as I can as I am very likely not at my genetic potential.
  3. I was considering HCG monotherapy after cycle as a bridge until next winter to help keep gains and protect fertility by not going on TRT (until future child is conceived). What are the positives or negatives to doing HCG mono after cycle? Worth it?
    Then should I get off HCG 1 week after last test injection, do the standard Nolva PCT after cycle, then get back on HCG for monotheapy? Better way?

You don’t need this on 216mg weekly… that’s just ridiculous… the symptomatology associated with “high oestrogen” typically isn’t even related to that variable.

Probably… because you’re taking an incredibly powerful aromatase inhibiting drug to counteract potentially nonexistent sides

Are you on TRT? If not… why use 216mg weekly? Such a dose would have me below 1500ng/dl (like in the low 1000s) so… say it’s enough to boost me right up to the very tip top of what normal could possibly be considered… it’s not even supra physiological for me (you may be different)

I understand your point, but when HCG is added to the test - the higher E2 levels are more likely due to the HCG tendency to raise E2 more significantly. I can definitely tell when it is getting high as I start feeling hotter overall especially in my face, I am more sleepy and tired, etc. When I take a small 1.5mg dose those symptoms seem go away pretty quickly. Again, I am have only taken less than 2 pills in over 10 weeks.

Not on TRT - My first cycle I wanted to start low. It has done so far what I was hoping for strength and gain wise. I have more room to increase dosage in future cycles as well. The plan was to do 200/week; just easier to divide ample into 4 syringes which is the 218.75mg number. I read a couple articles of long term users that said if they could do it over again, they would have started in the 200-300mg range vs. 500mg; so that is what I did.

Not really… increase in E from HCG directly correlates with increase in T… furthermore an aromatase inhibitor doesn’t curb or reduce HCG induced aromatisation…

I read that also, but I feel the difference. Maybe it is just placebo, but I am no longer hot or tired or sleepy not that long after taking the low dose AI. I have used less and less AI as I go along as the symptoms are not as often anymore. Maybe my body is adjusting to the added test and HCG?

Really I started thread to find out if HCG mono would help keep gains during long break until next cycle and best way to do it. Maybe someone has experience doing this?

No HCG mono will not do that. You should run it out a month after your last injection then cease and start your PCT.

So really no advantage to keeping gains with HCG mono? What about a HCG mono 12 week cycle in the middle of the 8 month break to max test levels without adding external test?

Nah… if you want to maintain your gains continue to train hard and eat maintenance. You may not feel as strong, your mood will be sub par for awhile, and you may not be as hungry. Fight through it. Some loss is inevitable, but if you can keep even 50% you will be doing well.

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