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1st Cycle after 7 Years

Hey there,

I need some help and advise,

I have previously ran 2 cycles, and the last i ran was Test-E and Tren-A and Oxy the first 4 weeks,

Now it being 7 Years ago i cant remeber the amount but i think it was around 800mg Test-E and 400mg Tren-A, And 1 oxy a day for 4 weeks,

Im sure thats overkill for my first new first cycle,

I was thinking

125mg - Tren-A ( Every other day)
175mg - Test-E ( Every other day)

10 weeks total - and then pct

Im not thinking oxy but just those two supplements, and then a good pct, but i need some advise on that to.

Or do you have any other advice for a first cycle,

186cm (6.1)
92Kg (202)

And just wanna get more lean and get some muscle,

I hope to get some inputs thanks in advance.

That seems like a good cycle. Probably don’t need to dose the test e eod, but if you’re already pinning tren on that schedule you might as well just double up in the barrel.

Its just so i dont have to pin almost everyday so if im doing it every otherday might asweell put in some Test-E :slight_smile:

Yeah, that makes sense. What do you have planned for pct?

I dont know,

Thats why im in here im not entirely sure what to ger there,

Can’t go wrong with Nolva. Clomid is falling out of favor more and more, and I’m reading about a lot more guys doing lower doses of Nolva for longer and having good results.

How much nolva would I need per day . ?