1st Cycle Advice?

Hi guys i am 30 yrs old 75 kg 20 bf. Been training 2 years lost 30 kg clean eating and gym. I will start my 1st cycle in 2 weeks got prostate and liver care and vitamins zinc cinkoa b2 b12 b6 and aspirin 100 mg eod and arimidex 1mg eod . i will do testo enathate 250 mg twice a week for 14 weeks and throw in winstrol injection last 4 weeks and oxandrol 40 mg a day for 4 weeks . i got pct nolva and clomid and hcg in hand . any advice please.

I hope you meant 250 mg twice a WEEK…

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Hey bro i meant twice a week 250 mg … So u re advice on my topic pls … And advice

Please provide some additional information about yourself as you’ll find more people willing to help if they’re given a more complete picture of the individual and his goals.
-what are your goals for this cycles (i.e. what do you expect the outcome to be)?
-what type of training routine are you following?

My initial thoughts are these in order of importance:

  • I would rather see you run a simple Test E 250mg 2x/wk as your first experience. The reasoning is that it will be much more difficult to determine what changes need to be made to your cycle when/if you start to have issues. With only one compound in your body you won’t have to worry about why your nipples itch or why your heart’s racing…you’ll know immediately that it’s the Test and not one of the other compounds. Assuming you decide to cycle again in the future you can use the knowledge you gained from this to add a second compound because you already know how your body handles Test @ 500mg/wk. Save the money you’re planning on spending for Winny and oxandrol for later.
  • I would also like to see you a little leaner than 20% bf since higher bf #s result in higher aromatization.
  • I would also like you to have a little more training experience under your belt as I’m willing to bet that you have plenty of newbie gains left to be made naturally but you’re old enough to make the jump so I won’t dwell on it.
  • My last comment for now is my obligatory comment about blood tests. You mentioned and AI and PCT so at least you seemed to be also focused on doing this correctly which is why I mention bloods. Get a complete blood test done before you start so you have a record of what your normal body chemistry looked like before you started monkeying with it. Around week 4 get another that looks at your T levels (Free and Total) E level (sensitive) SHBG, Blood count…you’ll then use these numbers to determine if you need an AI and if your RBC is increasing.

Bro thank u soo much i wanna get lean and add muscle while losing bf … My aim is to add muscle mass and ditch the body fat. I did all my blood test and i will do the rest also before starting my cycle. My e2 is already 25.0 and my LH is 7.5. My rbc and wbc is okey not high or too low … So what do u say for these numbers.

If those are your only goals then my honest opinion is that you should be able to accomplish them without hopping on the gear. You’ve made great progress coming down from 230lbs to 165lbs. That shows you have the heart and desire to make the progress unassisted. Remember that the leaner you are the more muscular you’ll actually look.

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Yeah buddy buy i have no power anymore and using supplements paying for it wayy to expensive . i found gear to be cheaper simple testo ena instead of so many supplements … So i wanna use testo ena to cut bf plus do my diet 6 times a week gym my e2 is 25 my LH is 7.5. What u say ?

I say have fun and be safe.

I say don’t run winstrol and anavar at the same time. Especially when the anavar dose is on the low side. It’ll hurt your cholesterol and liver while not giving you much of a boost. Either run the anavar higher but solo, or just run the winstrol. If I had to choose between the two I’d say anavar at the 75-100mg range would be more suitable for a first cycle than winstrol suspension. Frankly any suspension you inject is like playing with fire, if the fire was made out of a shitload of bacteria and could cause infections. Just something to think about.

Thank u so much bro . i will do test enathate 250 mg twice a week and towards the end i will use only winstrol injection for 4 to 5 weeks most . and proviron during my cycle 50 mg a day most. I will train 6 times a week and do 3 times a week hiit cardio 21 to 15 mimutes max . any advice bro.

What if I told you that I never used steroids, BUT also I used lots of supplements, and found out that I for some reason have better results when dropping supplements and working on my diet/nutrition by eating real food? Most important - working on my sleep aswell.

You are 30yo and old enough, so I’m not trying to stop you.
But think again, you accomplished that much by now, you can still go further. I would consider getting a coach over buying supplements/steroids. Because knowledge that I’d gain from coach would stay with me.

You could do your cycle once you cut that fat further down and reach your natural potential and have better results than what you’d have now.

I’m just telling you the options.

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only do test, why so many b vitamins and aspirin just like that for the sake of it?
Why not get winstrol pills,why add another injection that you need to do every day? You dint mention your height 75kg is pretty light.

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  • he has 20% BF.
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