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1st Cycle Advice from Vets Needed


OK guys, this is another 1st cycle advice topic but lets face it this site is the place to go for it. hears the background:im
Aged 29
height 5'9
weight 185pounds
12percent body fat,

i was a skinny guy of 150lbs a little over 2 years ago before i started lifting so naturally i have done ok, im at the heaviest i have ever been. But the gains are slowing and i think its time i took it to the next level, so far i have looked at a lot of sites and got threw all the conflicting information and this is what iv come out with for my 1st ever cycle

Cycle 10 week on/off program
ã??ã??500mg Test E per week
ã??ã??25mg Dbol everyday week 1-5
ã??ã??.25mg Arimidex everyday week 1 to 10
PCT: Arimidex .25 everyday week 11
ã??ã??.125 everyday week 12
ã??ã??Nolvadex- 40mg everyday on week 12 -13
ã??ã??20mg everyday week 14 -15
5 weeks of normal training with proteins n creatine as normal then on to my second cycle

My questions are:
Have i missed anything major here?
Am i over doing anything?
should i be doing the 10weeks or a 12weeks on/off?
Should i split the test into 2 pins a week of 250mg?
Should i add deca in 2nd cycle? If so what weeks and at what mg?

I know alot of these can be answered with â??its up to youâ?? but i want advice from the experts who have been there and done it before, ye guys know best-this is yer chance to make sure a beginner like me gets off the best possible start! Be harsh and correct anything that is just stupid n wrong above.

  1. Cycle its self looks great and there is definitely nothing lacking might even want to consider upping the test dose a bit. I always suggest 600-750 for a first time cycle to more hard-core type lifters and considering you already have the general idea to run another cycle your good to go with a slightly higher dose. This Is MY OPINION.

  2. 10 weeks off should be plenty 12 is fine as well. Everyone differs with this question.

  3. Every one is different when it comes to pinning frequency there is a whole thread dedicated to the discussion in this same forum its a good read. With the amount your running even if you take my advice and up the dose you could easily handle 1 pin but 2 would be easier to handle.

  4. Personally I love Deca not every one does. No rule saying you have to add it in your second cycle how ever it is a great addition. 400-600mg weekly would be about where I would aim for for your first run with it. Just makes sure you run Test with it keeping the Test atleast as high as the Deca if not slightly over.


its a relief to know im on the right track and that ive got the research right, that was just the reply i was hoping for!

thanks for your feedback reed, i was tempted at first to increase the test aswel-but the fact that its my 1st time, im more willing to see the results of a 500mg cycle first
mainly to see how i take to it and just so i have more room to up it on later cycles when i feel like the gains arent what they used to be (im assuming like everything else the 1st few results will be alot and the later cycles wont be as much)-thats also where the deca will get added, and where ill start doing 12 week cycles instead of 10. so for now ill pin once a week. and split it to twice a week when i do up the dose.

am i being overly cautious here?

cheers again for the feedback, step 1 is out of the way!


Personally I feel you are being overly cautious but there is nothing wrong with that man. Do what your comfortable doing. But remember no matter what you run your first cycle is going to be the one you are most receptive to. So don't waste your gains being to cautious. Take or leave it but if you have not yet bought the gear run this...

weeks 1-10 (prefer 12 but up to you)
600mg of Test E weekly.

Weeks 1-4
Anadrol @ 100mg daily

pct with your above.

I promise you won't regret it.


cheers reed, just one question: is the anadrol to replace the dbol or to be added to the stack?

if its adding to it heres the end result:

Cycle 12 week on/off program
600mg Test E per week(prob 2 pins every 3.5 days)
25mg Dbol everyday week 1-6
100mg Anadrol everyday Weeks 1-4
.25mg Arimidex everyday week 1 to 12

PCT: Arimidex .25mg everyday week 13
.125mg everyday week 14
Nolvadex-40mg everyday on week 15 -16
20mg everyday week 17-18


I promise you will love that cycle and put on more strength and size than you knew possible man. If I could go back that's the exact cycle I would run for my first.