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1st Cycle, 46y/o and Gyno

Hi all,
First post. Been lurking on here a while, trying to gain as much info as I possibly can before starting on my first cycle.

So I’m 46, Been lifting for 5 years. Predominantly powerlifting and oly lifting (which I’m very new to but loving). I Have a powerlifter build ie I’m a bit podgy, around 25%bf and would like to get this down a bit if possible. My main goal is to get stronger (I’m kinda maxed out now naturally).

I dabbled with gear in my early 20s (big mistake) but I didnt really know what I was doing. The only advice available was from blokes at the gym, no internet let alone forums lol!

Anyway, I have gyno already. Possibly as a result poorly mismanaged PCT back in my early 20s, or due to other reasons. This is something that bothers me and I am planning on getting this surgically corrected at some point.

My first cycle concern is I don’t really want the gyno to get worse. I’ve sent off some baseline bloods to test for test / shbg/ oestradiol etc… awaiting results. I am thinking test e/c for 12 weeks to coincide with my next strength cycle. Dosage I’m planning is 200mg/week building up to 400mg/week - don’t wanna go crazy, I’d prefer to ease myself in if that makes sense.

I’m also planning on keeping handy Arimidex for use during the cycle if needed, (I will be doing bloods again at week 4,8,12 and after PCT - does that sound like a good plan?) I also plan to use clomid/ tamoxifen for PCT.

So the questions I have-

  1. if I already have gyno, what precautions would you all recommend?
  2. what would be the best times during a 12 week cycle to test bloods?
  3. what other meds would you all advise to keep handy?? Last thing I want is a gyno issue or not be able to get my natural test levels up and be stuck.

Sorry for the long post. I’d be grateful for everyone’s advice.


If you already have gyno and are definitely getting it surgically removed in the future I wouldn’t worry about any gyno you may get from cycling. At 400mg/week of Testosterone you aren’t likely to get gyno though. If you plan on getting surgery in the near future you are better off not cycling but if it’s a year away that’s another story.

I had gyno surgery myself 10+ yrs ago and the best advice I can give you is to get as lean as possible before surgery. The more fat you have in that area the harder it will be for the surgeon to remove 100% of the glandular tissue. Also, the fatter you are the more likely he will intentionally leave some fat in the chest to look proportionate regardless of what you tell him (sounds crazy but it happens a lot). Focus on diet and cardio and you should be able to drop bf very quickly even without testosterone.

Get bloodwork done before cycling and see if you’re a candidate for TRT. If so then TRT would be much more effective at losing fat and keeping it off than cycling would. Less chance of the yo-yo effect.

Thanks Dexter. Good advice about the surgery… tbh realistically the surgery is going to be next year.

Interesting you saying about TRT… I’m interested in what my bloods will show, but I’m wondering if cruising may be a better choice for me