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1st Cycle 2 Weeker


Hi all: Stats: 30 yo, training since high school. Not always heavy, but always training. Pretty serious since age 19 or 20. 5'10 or 11 185 lbs. Battled some injuries over the years, knee surgery this past march which i have recovered fairly well from. Other than that,Tendonitis issues, back issues, etc.

Some best lifts: 455 lb deadlift, 275 bench, 375 squat, 185 x 24 bench, 30 pullups.

Proposed cycle:
Day 1: 200 mg test prop, 100 mg mast prop, 25 mg dbol, 12.5 mg aromasin
Days 3,5,7, 9, 11: test prop 150 mg, mast prop 100 mg
days 2-14 all include in addition 25 mg dbol split btw am and post training, aromasin 12.5 mg

Summary: in a two week period: 950 mg of test prop, 600 mg of mast, and 25 mg of dbol ed in 2 week period. Aromasin 12.5 mg ed.

days 15-21: 15 mg masteron prop ed, 10 mg dbol split btw am and post training, 40 mg nolva, aromasin 12.5 mg
days 21-27: nolva 40 mg, aromasin 12.5 mg??
days 27-32 nolva 20 mg
days 32-38 nolva 20 mg

All days included in pct will include high dose of zma before bed and tribulus (unless ppl dont think tribulus is advantageous)

Question: Not too sure how to include, if necessary, aromasin into pct. I know aromasin does not interfere with nolvas action. Should it be used, and if so, when should its use be stopped?

Note: Bill Roberts included a week to two of light usage following the two week cycle. One study used one shot of primo on day 15 in addition to very low dose dbol. The other study used low dose anavar and dbol. All light oral use in am only or pre training. Also, Bill, in addition to other posters spoke of being able to use 100 and even possibly 200 mg of masteron without significant suppression. This week of light usage aided the subjects strength maintenance while beginning pct.

Thoughts, suggestions, flaming appreciated. I realize I will not reap the benefits of a longer cycle, but this would be easy to recover from, and I just want a tool to break plateaus. Want to be stronger, and leaner, but not necessarily that much larger. Long term goals: 190-210 lbs, bench 350, deadlift 550, and have big lats, traps, glutes, and hams LOL.


Anyone? Criticism will be much appreciated.


I used to do quite a few shorties. I always preferred sort of a frontload even with short acting gear. Something to the effect of 300 prop, 200 mast on day 1. Then 150 prop/100 mast days 2-4 before going on your EOD schedule up to day 12 would work well. After trying a few i found that the bump at the start made a difference. The Dbol is ok at that dose, but for a short cycle I think something along the lines of am, pre training, pm would be a good protocol, so you may want to slightly up the dose. Run it for 15 days.

The mast and dbol mini bridge is alright....as long as you have some SERM support, which you do. There really isn't much, if any hard evidence to suggest at what level of exogenous AAS recovery can begin, although anecdotally it seems to be at or sub 100 mg/week. Try it and see if it works for you. Not much to lose..... if you stay suppressed for another 6-7 days, so what!? You've only been on for 3 weeks at that point and recovery should be a breeze. If it works out, then thats great. Personally I wouldn't run it. I would do the 15 days, recover immediately and get back on another two weeker.

You can reach your goals with this method no doubt. Problem here is, you will be coming off right around the time your progress really starts skyrocketing.....longer cycles usually follow. If you can stick to the 2 on/2off, or 2 on/4 off then bravo. It works and you'll be happy as long as you don't have massive goals or fall into the trap of cycling longer.


Thanks alot for the feedback! Yea I realize a bridge is not necessary for a two weeker, its just that the study done by Me. Roberts said that the subjects had better result using it on average. And you are right, I dont know what it feels like to be "on", and i might really enjoy it. I am much slower now to recover from training than I once was, partly because right now i have to work night shift. The sleep is not the same, even if i get good rest. My volume is much lower than it once was. But after some years, I realize all the volume is not necessary, as long as exercises are efficient and you dont get hurt, and nutrition is good. I hope to stick to the 2 week protocol, I am not planning on competing in BB or powerlifting, I just love to lift and like getting stronger and better.
Yes I will frontload. And maybe the "bridge," if it does suppress you further, is not worth the risk because it may take you into the next stage of suppression, defeating the purpose of the two weeker?
And for PCT, without a bridge... with nolva and aromasin, would you run3 or 4 weeks just to be safe?

Week one 40 mg Nolva, 12.5 mg aromasin,
week 2 40 mg nolva, 12.5 mg aromasin
week 3 20 mg nolva, 5 mg aromasin
week 4 20 mg nolva.

5-10 mg of dbol on heavier workout days in am. no more than 2x per week. Or proviron before sex LOL, if i happen to get lucky during PCT. 5 mg dbol plus 50 mg proviron plus cialis LOL. In the event of a good night.

Something to that effect? Looked around board, not too sure exactly how to include, if necessary, aromasin into PCT.


OK. Thanks alot for the feedback. One more question. What if one were to request mast prop, but due to confusion received mast enth, but would prefer to minimize transaction risks. Lets say test prop on hand, mast enth, dbol, aromasin, and nolva. WOuld there be a way to include the mast enth into this two weeker? I read it has an active life of 8 days.

Would one be able to load up on the mast enth at the beginning, say 300 mg day one, 150 day 3, and maybe 150 day 6 and run the prop as scheduled, in addition to the dbol. Is mast enth possible to use in a 2 weeker? I think my answers will be no for the most part, but it could be a nice addition. How long from last mast enth shot b4 its clear?


been reading up on esters. anyone know of somewhere i can find mayb a layout of estimated blood levels of an enanthate ester, from the time of injection and each day thereafter?

Anyone, ill do my own homework but ive been looking, found a couple good articles on different effects of esters, one by anthony roberts. I know enanthates arent typically used in shorter cycles, but I want to learn all I can. Only mast enth on hand. Wondering if test and dbol way to go for first two weeker, or if mast enth can be thrown in.


I'm guessing if you were to use the mast enth, you definitely wouldn't want to be injecting on day 6. Have a play with roidcalc but I am sure that wouldn't leave you clean for the off weeks.

My first cycle was supposed to be a 2 weeker, test and mast prop, but I carried on for another 3. Maybe I'm just weak-willed, but it was hard for me to stop after the 2 weeks. I'd like to hear from someone who stuck to it!