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1st Cutting Cycle Questions

i am about to start preparations for my second and third amateur bodybuilding shows coming up this summer. for my first show last summer i was not on any gear. this year i was planning on running 300-400 mg Primobolan/week along with some anavar and maybe some t3 and clen.

the concern that i have is that i have been on propecia/finasteride for the past 5 months and am not sure if it is safe for me to take that while on a steroid such as primo. i have researched and found so many conflicting blogs and reviews on this, but it has just got me more confused than i was in the beginning. if anyone has any knowledge or first hand experience related to this, i’d like to hear it.

i just want to know if the primo would reverse the effects of propecia and if i would be doing myself more harm than good. i would really like to keep my hairloss at bay while cutting, which is why i want to stay away from win/tren etc. thanks

i wouldnt see why you couldnt take them to maybe try and counter-act the hair-loss effect of the primo. if i had a problem with hairloss thats what i would do. and not saying that the primo/VAR combo would be bad just wondering why…

well i would only use the primo/var combo because i have heard that the effects of drugs such as propecia are reversed/useless with other cutters such as tren and win. however, i’m gonna keep looking for evidence that this isn’t the case because i would love to use that stack instead… because primo is kinda pricy.