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1st Crack @ Squats, DL's, & RDL's


I just want you all to critique this workout i chose to do today. This will probably be my leg workout for a while and it will be done once a week. It was my first time doing squats, DLs, and RDLs. Warmup: Ran for 5 min and stretched afterwards.

Squats(front)4 sets: 50Lbsx12 70Lbsx10, 90Lbsx8, 110Lbsx6, 110lbsx5. RomanianDL's 3 sets: 90lbsx10, 110lbsx8, 140lbsx6, 180lbsx5. Deadlifts 3 Sets: 110lbsx10, 140lbsx8, 180lbsx5.

I tried to do more what i felt, than actually writing an actual workout down, so it might seem a little unstructured. I tried the olympic grip for the front squats,but,it felt to uncomfortable having all that weight sitting on my collar bone.

Are you suppose to support the weight more with your hands? For the RDL's and DL's, I felt like it was my grip that kept me from doing more weight, more than the actual weight. Any suggestions or comments would be great.


Are you a female? Just asking because those weights are on the low side. I think your leg day sucks. Maybe focus on either the deadlift or squat for a month and then switch it around.

For example I do this

1)Squat or deadlift 1-2 heavy ass set(s) of 4-6
2)opposite of whatever I did but more of an assitance exercise (stuff like RDL's, Stiff legs, Single leg work, leg press etc.)
3a)Isolation quad 4x8-10
3b)isolation ham 4x8-10
4a)Abs 3x8-10
5a)Calves 3x8-10

Its pretty simple but it seems to work.

For the front squats, I do the oly grip, but it always rolls into my neck and makes me feel like I am going to pass out.


every starts somewhere. Don't give a beginner a hard time becuase he/she can't squat lift a house yet...he/she will in time

i like that leg day better than the original


I'm a guy, and I can lift about the same weight.


I didnt mean offence to the op asking about his/her sex. Just wanted to know. And believe me, I know what low weights are like. When I first started lifting, it was a joke how little I could lift.


You would think I was a female with how miniscule those weights are,however, let me add that those weights were not including the weight of the bar. Which makes a huge difference! haha.

No i joke around, but, I am dead serious about doing this. I am only 19 years old and am just out of high school. This is all just more motivation for me and i believe i will move up in weight quick. I've been reading everything on this site and i'm just trying to go with something i think will work for me.

The only thing that kind of sucks is not having someone to work out with. I have a gym membership at your typical gym these days: LA fitness. I'm thinking of cancelling it for a powerlift gym. I'm in atlanta so there has got to be a few. Thanks for the constructive criticism!


Just a reminder, you always include the weight of the bar. Always. There was a thread about this a few months ago.


Do it. Don't even think twice about it. If you get in with a group of guys at a powerlifting gym and do it right, in two years you'll be twice as big and three times as strong as 85% of the guys on this forum.



I would guess that there is one of two potential problems with your grip - 1) your elbows were not high enough, thus not allowing your delts to create a platform for the bar to rest on (thats where the bar should be, not on the collar bone). For front squats your elbows should be pointed directly in front, like you are pointing at the wall with them. The other potential problem 2) you just haven't put on enough delt size to keep the bar off the collar bone. If the problem is no. 2, then you know what to do - hit those delts and make them grow.