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1st Course of Sust, Must I Run a PCT Now?


I have just ran my first sust cycle for 12 weeks, my last pin was 2 weeks ago and I have my PCT to hand. What I’m unclear about is wether or not I need to run my PCT and then wait 12 weeks after that to run another cycle. Or can I run another cycle soonish without running the PCT.
I have searched forums but can’t seem to find a deinitive answer. I want to run another cycle and am willing to wait the 15 weeks if that’s what I need to do. But id rather run it sooner if I can.


The less time you spend off the higher the chance of damaging your HPTA.

Less time off also gives less time for your Lipids and RBC etc to return to normal although without blood work its impossible to say how these health markers are being affected.

Cycles ran in quick succession may also be less effective than a cycle after a period of 8-16 weeks off. This is why people do not stay ‘on’ forever, along with health concerns. If people do not want to PCT then they would blast and cruise i.e. 8-16week cycle followed by a running a high TRT dose for a similar period of time.

Blasting and cruising is very different from running cycles and is not something that i would suggest unless necessary for you goals or if you are already on TRT.