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1st Contest

Ok, any advice from experienced competetors would greatly be appreciated. I’m 21, never competed before but plan to enter the Ocean State Natural Contest on April 28. I’m 6’3", 225lbs about 10%bodyfat. I’ve never been completely ripped before but now i’m decently lean. I’m following the basic diet advice of Jay Robbs Fat Burning Diet which is similar to Bev. Int. Eating 5x day. 330g protein from Chicken, ProLabs 5lb whey concentrate/EAS Simply Whey. Fat from Canola/Flax Oil and about 30 fish oil capsules a day (get them cheap from sams club) Carbs will come from green beans, (how would an orange or 2 a day effect fat loss, is it ok?)whats in the protein powder and every 3rd and 4th day as a 6th meal I’m eating a high carb meal of rice, baked potato, etc. I know I dont do well on too high fat, done Anabolic/BodyOpus/Lyle’s for a long time w/out good results as well as getting fat on high or even mod carbs. Ratio’s about 55%prot,30%fat and 15%carbs. I’ve been noticing pretty good fat loss recently with this diet along w/ the German body comp program which is hardcore. I feel sick almost every workout, but its worth it to me B/c the fat seems to be dropping fast. My plan is to try to get my bf% a little lower, till my abs are pretty clearly visible, then work on putting on size, which I need if I want to do well. Should I go 2 weeks cutting, 2 weeks bulking until maybe a couple weeks out then work just on cutting? Should I do Poliquins method of 4 days low carbs like I’m doing, then the 5th a high carb day? Or could I put on muscle w/ little fat w/ following the diet I am but instead of those carb meals just have a lot of carbs post-workout w/ my protein and keep the rest of the diet the same. Either way I know i’m carb sensitive (fat mainly on abs and chest, hard to lose) But I want to get bigger w/out much fat. Also using MD6 right now which seems to help. I have 1 bottle left of it and 2 bottles tribex. Anyway, sorry for the long post. Any advice in the right direction would greatly be appreciated. This is coming from a definite hardgainer when it comes to fat loss so I’d be more than happy to tell about my results if I’m succesful in getting into contest shape. Just need some direction for a newbie to competition.

Keep on track. Track everything. I like to see how many weeks i have and then the fat loss needed to reach 4% in lbs and devide that by the weeks left precontest. so i have a guideline or goal each week, plus if you get a little ahead it shows its ok to fall off little or keep going and beat your goals. I like to use the body opus modified, but the first diet that worked was like this first two meals eggs/protein with oatmeal, no real carbs after this. use 1 serve of a fat burner for 2 weeks and every 2 weeks increase it. for ab and thigh fat use alot of yohimbe. total fat needs cardio, 30 min post workout and then bump it up every 2-3 weeks so you can do it on off days and up to 1 hour per day in the last few weeks. No fat burners for the last week.(interfears with carb absorption) last week, no carbs for sun, mon, tues and do a full body workout each day high rep first set and 2 heavy sets and drop set one high rep, one set per bodypart all 3 days, no more cardio, last three posing only with high carbs on wed., cut it out by a 1/4, and 1/4 les on fri and even less on sat of the contest this will help dry you out. On sat have a half can of coke handy for sipping to replace sodium, sounds bad but it will fill out the pump. I like to give myself 12 weeks to get ready and you have more than that. Cut out the stimulants now until precontest mode. You need them to work then not be down regulated. Try to only have black coffee for stims, this also alkalines the body for optimum energy fat burning and efficiency. My food guidelines are 6 meals 3 liquid and 3 solid. 60%protein, 25% fat and 15% carbs for pre contest. Use things like glutamine ine the end of the diet or whole time nad only use creatine the middle weeks and the last week for energy and fullness. It is an energy source and you want to burn your own energy(fat) Good luck! use a digital and send photos.

If you’re only 10 percent b.f, you could likely get down to a sub 5 % level within 8-10 weeks w. proper diet and training. I would take it easy on the cardio though-in my opinion most natural bb’s would lose muscle working anywhere near an hour a day. The whole point of Poliquin’s German Body Comp is to burn fat w/o any additional cardio. I know there are different schools of thought on cardio, but I would see how you do without it, then if fat loss slows down then add a little if needed, but I’d do no more than 20 min-1/2 hr, preferably intervals on your non-lifting days first thing in a.m. You have 4.5 months until your show, I would go something like 6 week diet, 4 week mass, 6 week diet. In mass mode, only exceed maintenance calorie levels by 10 percent or so, if you’re eating the right things you shouldn’t need much more than this. Good luck!