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1st Comp, Never Trained Strongman Before


Think I am going to do my 1st strongman show
on May 14th in Fort Collins, id be in the Novice LW Class obviously. Here are the events


Saturday May 14, 2011

Anytime Fitness
200 W Foothills Pkwy Suite B
Fort Collins CO 80525

Divisions: Novice, Open

Weight Classes:
2 weigth classes for Novice Division
-LW (231.4 and under)
-HW (231.5 and over)
3 weight classes for Open Division *(LW Division will only be divided if there are 5 competitors in each weightclass, otherwise it will be one LW class of 231.4 and below)
-LW (200.4 and under)
-LW (200.5-231.4)
-HW (231.5 and over)


Tire Flip (1 flip at each weight) - 60 sec limit
Novice LW- 300,450,650,750,800 lbs
Novice HW & Open LW-450, 650, 750, 800, 900, 1250 lbs
Open HW- 650, 750, 800, 900, 1250 lbs (twice)

Log Overhead Press- for reps 60 sec limit
Novice LW- 200lbs
Novice HW & Open LW- 225lbs
Open HW- 255lbs

Car Dead lift- reps for 60 sec limit
Same Car for all competitors, distance from car just gets further away, Side handle

Keg Toss- 5 kegs 60 sec limit
Novice LW- 13ft
Novice HW & Open LW- 15ft
Open HW- 16ft

Truck pull-
Novice LW- 60 ft
Novice HW & Open LW- 70 ft
Open HW- 80 ft

*Events subject to change

Without access to equipment other than farmers walk handles(on the way), sled, and a set of fat gripz. Oh yeah, a few tires probably up to like 500-600lbs.

What can I do to kind of prepare? I know I'm not going to be that competitive but hey my main goal is to try and find a group that I could train with occasionally.

Been using the fat gripz and kind of simulating an axle clean and press (even though it isnt in this event, figured it would help a little). Anyways, any help would be cool.



Hope this helps. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/strongman_training_made_practical

Post a video and good luck!


Hey Good Luck have fun. A couple of pointers, Tire Flip ( don't deadlift it , insted drive through from a modified three point stance like a linebacker) , Car deadlift Find a rythem keep with it and swear to yourself you won't stop until you are dead. Truck pull keep your body really low a good reference is if you can touch the ground with your fingers you are probably close to wear you need to be (35-45 degrees to the ground). You will find strongman is about finding new friends with the same goals as you. Have fun and hope you get hooked.


Noe sure where you are in CO but there are 2 gyms in Denver that do strongman for the most part.


Check that out and you can email them there and they will point you in the right direction.

I train at Armbrust Pro Gym and our group has most of the equipment. We're usually there on Sundays from 8:30 to 11 or so.


Colorado Pro Gym does training Saturday sessions, I'm going to be there on April 16th to see what they are up to. PM me if you want to say hi.


Forgot about this thread. I ended up doing a show last Saturday 4/2 in Sheridan.

Here is a write up I did about it on another site.

Did pretty well, finished 6th out of 12. Was 1.5 points from 5th. Thought it was solid since I had never touched any of the equipment before other than farmers a few times. I was also under the impression that it was like brand new people in the novice class but I guess you stay in the novice until you win a show, which is cool. I think there was 4 of us who had never competed before, and I finished ahead of all the other rookies at least, lol. I had a slip up on the farmers that cost me 5th place but oh well. Was a great experience.

1st event was the axle with tires clean and press(just had to clean the 1st rep) with 180lbs. Time limit was 45 seconds. I could clean that right up so I didn't have to worry about the continental clean which was nice. Ended up grinding out 11 reps, couldn't lock the 12th out.Tied me for 4th on that event, which was awesome. My max gym pr was 225x1 so getting 11 with 180 was awesome.

2nd event was farmers walk with 200lbs for 40 feet. Had a clean lift and was going great but got I got a little to greedy and tried to go faster at the end. I was neck in neck with the guy who ended up 3rd in that event who did a 6.7something on it. So if I would of just been patient I would of ended up around that time and 4th again, but I was greedy and tried to pick my feet up to much. Ended up spilling about 4 feet from the line. Embarrassing, lol. Got right back up and finished with a time of 11.3something which put me at like 9th or 10th. Really hurt my points total.

3rd event was the axle dead with tires. Weight was 340lbs. Time limit was 60 seconds. You had to wait for a down and up command, so touch and gos werent allowed. The axle was knurled which helped a bunch, wasn't expecting that. I figured my grip would give out before my legs/back did but it didn't. I got 14 reps and ran out of time, I should of worked a little faster because I had probably 1 or 2 left in me. This tied me for 4th in the event. The winner had 17 so I wasn't that far off.

4th event was the yoke with 400lbs plus whatever the yoke weighed for 40 feet. After my stumble on the farmers I decided to play it safe, I should of pushed it a little harder but oh well. I don't remember my time but I know I was like 7th or 8th.

5th event Atlas Stones to a 49" platform. 60 second time limit. Stones were 175, 200, 225, 240, 265lbs. Was really nervous about this event. The guys who went before me only got 2 until the guy right before me got 4. I got the 1st 3 up very easy and the 4th wasn't much of a struggle. Had 30 seconds to get that 5th up, I got close but just couldn't finish it off. Got it lapped easy but just couldn't finish. My form just wasn't there. I was basically trying to curl it up, lol. I was able to muscle up 1st 4 but couldn't quite muscle up the last one. With some form practice I would of had it, lol. 3 guys ended up getting the 5th stone up. My time to the 4th stone was the fastest of the guys who got 4 so I ended up 4th in this event.

Had an absolute blast. I'm going to start training events on Saturdays down in Aurora at Colorado Pro. Next event is in mid-may, can't wait. Met Brian Shaw, guy is so massive, but he is super cool. He tried to give me some pointers on the stones and whatnot. His hands are huge.

Super dark picture, my phones camera sucks


were you there on Saturday?


Saturdays fits my schedule a little better, so I think I am going to try and make it down to Colorado Pro on Saturday ams, but if not I will hit you up.



thanks and im already hooked now