1st Bulking Cycle

Hi guys. I just joined and this is my first post here. I’m 37yo, a longtime lifter, and just started my first bulking cycle 11 days ago. I’ve been on low-dose Test over the years as prescribed by my doctor (who is also a bodybuilder), and he approved a 14 week Test/Deca/Dbol cycle (I’m also taking Aromasin 12.5mg/day).

I started the cycle at 6’3, 242lbs. I’m just curious about what gains I can expect throughout the course of this cycle, and what I should expect to retain after my PCT, as I know there is water retention, etc.

I’m really looking for some mentors and buddies I can check in with throughout the cycle (here or off the forum), if anyone is open to that.

Thanks for any feedback!

Nobody can tell you what you will gain or lose for that matter. Your cycle is a classic mass building cycle and yes very wet. You will gain a lot of water weight and lose it when you cease the compounds. What are your dosages for the test/deca/and dbol? How long are you running each?

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Thanks for your reply, man.

I’m running 50mg/day Dbol the first 6 weeks. 300mg/Deca, and 600mg/Test-E per week.

That’s a nice little cycle there haus

Thanks! I’m excited. It’s fun so far. I don’t think the Deca has kicked in yet, so I can’t really gauge.

How do you like the 50 mg of dbol a day? I’ve never used it but I just got a ton of it. I’m about to start a test blast in a couple weeks but now I’m tempted to use the dbol as well.

Looks alright to me. You can expect rapid weight gains on the dbol. In fact don’t be surprised if you have a little dip in weight or stall out when you cease the dbol. I love the muscle building effects of Deca but I get the dreaded limp noodle that comes along with it so its a no no for me.

The strength gains so far are from the Dbol, I think, so it’s great. Some guys complain about bloating, but I’m naturally a thick guy so I haven’t noticed anything in that regard.

You’re doctor sounds amazing, can he fly to Australia for me?

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what can I expect in about a week or two when the Deca really starts to take effect?

That your dick wont work like it used to.

Sorry to be blunt but I just ran a Test/NPP blast and NPP is not supposed to have the same effects that Deca does in the ED department. For me, it affected me pretty good and I had to reduce the dose and bump the Test and rely on Cialis.

I’m hoping it doesnt happen to you. There are a lot of guys on here who have no problems on Deca.

that’s why I’m using Aromasin to try and combat that side effect. crossing fingers

Aromasin does nothing to mitigate your risk of ED from 19 nor compounds.

I’m still learning! Is there anything that helps that?

Nandrolone screws with your dopamine and to what degree is individual. It also produces DHN and displaces DHT in the tissues. Some say you can overload that with DHT by keeping your test a lot higher than your nandrolone. I’m not sure… I just don’t mess with it.

From what I read, nandrolone negatively affects vaso dilation and nitric oxide regulation, all part of getting a good erection.

You need to take Caber to avoid Deca/tren dick. It’s easy to find and will ensure you won’t have any issues with prolactin.

does this go away with time? is there something that can be done to fix the issue? I’m still having issues, less sensitivity and difficulty getting/maintaining erections. It’s like my john is dislocated from my body, very soft and flabby nothing like it was before cycle.

If you can, get yourself some masteron. It will help negate the effects of the cycle you ran. Couple that with a cialis 2-3 times a week and you will be back in business.


I have proviron from the last cycle. Its been about 3 months since ive been off everything. Wont it suppress me though? 3 times a week at what dose eod? Thanks in advance bro