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1st Blood Test After TRT for 2mo. When to Do It?

I am currently using this regimen for the last 2 months.

100mg test cypionate injected per week SC with two per week.
250iu hCG SC EOD every

my schedule looks like this.

Monday(HCG 250iu) - Tuesday(Test 50MG SC) - Wed(none) - Thursday(HCG 250iu) - Friday(Test 50MG SC) - Saturday(none) - Sunday(none

I bought some blood work so I can test my estrogen (senstive) and testosterone (free and total), because my Libido is shot and I don’t feel that much better. I think my estrogen levels are to high (they have been in the past) But I am a little confused on what the best time/day to test my blood work is based on this schedule. I was thinking Monday morning, before HCG, at this would be 2 1/2 day window without any injection.

If anyone can shed some light, id really appreciate it. Id like to get myself on the best dose possible (my doctor is willing to go 200mg if needed or provide adex if my estrogen is too high )

someone? anyone ?

Labs are more representative when injections are more frequent. With injections twice a week, do labs 1/2 way between and try to keep that the same so changes in labs are not showing lab timing artifacts.

When you get E2 results, and I expect that E2 will be elevated, you will start anastrozole and then later do E2 labs and then with the second set of labs can calculate a dose change to get near 22pg/ml. So you need to do two E2 labs. But if you started anastrozole first then the first E2 lab can get you on target. Be aware of the issues re anastrozole over-responders.