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1st Blast Cycle with TRT?


Dr has had me on 200mg Test cyp EOW for just under a year. I've started taking 200mg EW and will go back to injecting EOW 1 month before 6 month checkup/bloodwork. I am planning this pretty simple blast cycle and would appreciate constructive input/advice:

W 1-8, 400 mg Test cyp
W 1-4, 20 mg Dbol, ED
W 1-8, Arimidex, 0.5mg EOD?

Will return to regular injections after cycle. I've always been a hardgainer type, and had increased appetite and put on 10lbs miscle after starting trt. Now thats tapered off would just like to pack on a few more.
39 y/o male
178 lb
16% bf
3400 calories/day, pretty clean diet


Any reason you are doing 200 mg EOW and not 100 mg EW or 50mg twice a week on your regular TRT schedule?


Dr prescribed 200mg EOW but said 100mg EW is fine. Half life of Test cyp is pretty long so 2x/week seems pointless for trt dosage. My test level was 220. He wants it around 300-400. I want it double that so I've doubled my own dosage.


I have personally never tried 2x/week injections with test cyp, but some like it because they feel their levels are more stable with less peaks and valleys. I'm planning on blasting in a few months, but adding some tren ace.


He wants it around 300 to 400? That's awfully low, id be looking for a better doctor but that's just me


Yes my dr is pretty conservative but I'd rather deal with that than find another one. I don't mind my T being close to the 400range 2x/yr for bloodwork. I know that many doctors prescribe 200 mg EW, so I dont mind taking it upon myself to up my dosage between visits. I mainly just want to know if my Test/Dbol blast will be ok as long as I finish it 6-8 weeks before next dr visit, and if anybody might have some tips on my stack.

I do well with Test cyp but have never taken Dbol (Gen Shi) and not sure about how much/how often to take the Anastrozole other than what I've read about the stuff. Like should I just keep it on hand in case of gyno symptoms or take small doses as a preventative measure?


Well a blast of cyp for 8 Weeks is very modest. I would shoot for 10 to 12 and run the dbol the last 4 Weeks of your blast. If your running 400Mg of cyp from your script then it should be adecent enough amount, but if its ugl I would up the dose by 100Mg and go from there.

Dbol has a very short half life so that will definitely not show up on any blood work 6 to 8 Weeks after discontinuing. your test levels should be back to your doctors range in that amount of time as well.

With the anastrozole im assuming you have never used it before? If not then you have nothing to base anything off of so a dose I would start at is .25 eod and whenever you decide to throw the dbol in there you could bump it up to .5 eod.

you can adjust dose depending on sides, if any, or get bloodwork done for e2.

one more tip, if you want to be 100 percent on the test being back in range for your bloodwork then order the test through someone like privatemdlabs.com right before the Dr visit. If its still not in range reschedule the appointment. But in all reality that should be more than enough time, just a little tip if you ever find yourself short on time.


Thanks for your advice. I'll run the Test at 500mg EW for my blast then.
Why do you recommend Dbol at the end rather than the beginning? Isn't it commonly used as a kickstart in a cycle?


I hope your "conservative doctor" checks your E2 levels and prescribes Arimidex and HCG.

Read the T Replacement forum here for some great info.

Just the fact that he suggests EOW injections doesn't sound like he knows much of real life applications. You can be "conservative", such as aiming for only a 300-400 range (and WHY anyhow???), yet be smart.


there's an old list floating around that has the half-life of test e/cyp at 10-12 days, but there are several medical journals that directly refute this, and have it at 4.5 days.... the shorter half-life makes sense, as most guys use test e 2-3 times a week. anyway, my point is to look into EW injections for TRT....


Good points. I have been doing some learning on the T replacement forum and I am concerned that doc hasn't mentioned anything other than raising T levels. I'm planning on bringing it up if he doesn't. And if he blows it off I'll certainly have to start looking for a new doc.


I believe it has to do with myostatin expression and amyostatin increases towards the end of the cycle it is beneficial to introduce a new drug. Don't quote me on that and someone please correct me if im wrong.


200mg or 1 cc eow sux.. Most guys prefer the 1 shot per week but breaking into 2 is good if you get bitchy toward the end of the 7 days.. If this is your first blast why mess with the dbol? You may be safer with a simple blast like 500mg for 12 weeks then drop back to 100mg per week.. Get your Anastrozole & HCG and you should be good.. Your doc needs to sprout sum nuts 400 is weak.. T replacement is big biz right now find a place thats not so conservative.. Most places I've seen want levels to peak around 1000.. Check your Med spas & anti agings spots bro


I want to throw the Dbol in the mix because I want to be bigger faster, haha. But it's not going anywhere so I'll save it for another time.
I'll stick with Test cyp only for my 1st blast. 500mg/wk (250mg 2x/wk) for 12 weeks and anastrozole .25mg EOD.
Then I will go back to my normal 200mg test EW and just stay with that. If the doc has a problem with 200mg/wk then it's time for me to bounce.
Only question I have left is, if I'm not on HCG now with hrt is it any MORE necessary during my blast?
Thanks again


you may want to get some HCG in as yur nuts may turn to raisens... Tell your doc you are having shrinkage and need a script for HCG so you have it on hand. 250iu twice per week or E3d should be enough check the trt sticky for dosing hcg