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1st Biotest Order

So after reading this site for a year and a half, I finally ordered some schwag. I though I’d post some mini-reviews, because I think these are good products and I’m a little giddy that I have some cool stuff in my possession.

I got a free Metabolic Drive Bar, which is being saved for Saturday. Hooray for free stuff.

The Flameout and BCAAs are larger than I expected, but they’re not difficult to swallow. (Insert ghey joke here.)

Tequila Spike Shooter tastes awesome. I liked the original, but this is better.

Metabolic Drive is as good as everyone says it is. The chocolate kind of tastes like cake with hot coco mix sprinkled on it.

HOT-ROX gives me rasberry-flavored burps. That is so damn cool.

Great choices! I was planning on placing an order this weekend with some of the same stuff (Metabolic Drive, Flameout, BCAA) but I was also looking into getting more Surge.

what are your goals right now?

Definitely quality products.

I like the tequila Spike Shooters as well, but I tend not to drink them often because I’m taking HRX right now.

that’s the first thing my brother said about HRX too, “dude, my burps, are delicious.”