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1st Annual Ft. Myers, FL Strongman Contest

1st Annaual Ft. Myers, FL. Strongman Contest
On Sept. 19th, 2009 Evolved Athletics in Ft. Myers, Fl. will be hosting the 1st Annual Ft. Myers, Fl. Strongman Contest. Make plans now to compete or stop by to watch the show. We hope you can make it.

Go to the link below for an entry form and more information:


DATE: September 19th, 2009

TIME: 12:00pm

Evolved Athletics Inc.
16120 San Carlos Blvd. Suite Unit #4
Fort Myers, FL. 33919

Phone: 239-851-3940

WEIGH-INS: 11:00am

RULES: 11:45pm

Men’s Open:
Lightweight / Heavyweight
Men’s Novice:
Men’s Master’s:


Men’s Open:

  • Lightweight 231lbs. and below
  • Heavyweight 232lbs. and above

Men’s Novice / Master

  • Open weight class

Women’s Division

  • Open weight class


  1. Log Clean N Press Medley:
    (Oly Bar, Fat Bar, 8" Log & 12" Log)
    â?¢ LWY MEN: 200, 225, 250, 275lbs.
    â?¢ HWY MEN: 225, 250, 275, 300lbs.
    â?¢ Masters / Novice: 175, 200, 225, 250lbs.
    â?¢ Women: 100, 125, 155, 175 lbs.
    â?¢ 75 Second time limit
    â?¢ Competitor must clean n press and until elbows are locked out. Then return log to the ground for next repetition.
    â?¢ Competitor must wait for the down signal before beginning the next repetition.
    â?¢ Belt “Ok”
    â?¢ Competitors will use an Olympic barbell, fat bar, 8’ log and a 12" diameter log.
    â?¢ Wrist Supports “Ok”

  2. Yoke Walk: (100’ course / multiple drops allowed)
    â?¢ LWY Men: 600lbs.
    â?¢ HWY Men: 750lbs.
    â?¢ Men’s Novice / Masters: 550lbs.
    â?¢ Women’s: 350lbs.
    â?¢ Fastest time wins event.
    â?¢ 75 second time limit
    â?¢ Belt “Ok”
    â?¢ Wrists Supports “Ok”

  3. Truck Pull:
    Vehicle Pull Harness- Updated Change 8-22-09
    All competitors will pull a flat bed semi truck from Wallace International Trucking Company
    â?¢ Fastest Time wins event (100’)

  4. Tire Flip: (50’ course)
    â?¢ Men’s LWY: - 700lbs.
    â?¢ Men’s HWY: - 800lbs.
    â?¢ Men’s Masters / Novice: 600lbs.
    â?¢ Women’s: 200lbs.
    â?¢ Fastest time wins event
    â?¢ 60 second time limit
    â?¢ Belt “Ok”

  5. Atlas stones: (52" Platform)
    â?¢ (75) Seconds time limit
    â?¢ Novice: 200, 220, 240, 260, 280
    â?¢ Masters: 200, 220, 240, 260, 280
    â?¢ LWY: 260, 280, 300, 335, 354
    â?¢ HWY: 280, 300, 313, 354, 365
    â?¢ Women: Sand Bag Load for reps - 115lbs. sand bag load for as many repetitions as possible in 60 sec.

If you have questions about this event please contact Jeremy Barnett at 239-851-3940 or at crossfittb@yahoo.com.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone there,

Evolved Athletics
Jeremy Barnett

Evolved Athletics
Jeremy Barnett-Owner/Coach

Evolved Athletics is regretful to announce the cancellation of the 1st Annual Ft. Myers, Fl. Strongman Contest. The strongman contest was to be held at Evolved Athletics in Ft. Myers, Fl. on Sept. 19th, 2009. Due to a lack of contestant participation two of our major event sponsors have cancelled their sponsorship for this event. This is a terrible disappointment to Evolved Athletics, NAS Strongman, Inc. and the fitness community. Unfortunately without their support we are now forced to cancel this event.

Evolved Athletics would like to offer it’s sincerest apologies for the cancellation of this event. For those contestants that have already submitted entry fees you will receive a full refund immediately.

For any questions regarding the cancellation of this event please contact Jeremy Barnett at 239-851-3940 or crossfittb@yahoo.com.

Thank you,
Jeremy Barnett