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1st Annual Ft. Myers, Fl. Strongman Contest


1st Annaual Ft. Myers, Fl. Strongman Contest

I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to our last strongman event this past July 18th. We had an amazing turnout of competitiors and spectators.

On Sept. 19th, 2009 Evolved Athletics in Ft. Myers, Fl. will be hosting the 1st Annual Ft. Myers, Fl. Strongman Contest. Make plans now to compete or stop by to watch the show. We're hoping for an even bigger turnout than our last event in July.
See attached flyer for more information or go to the link below for an entry form:


If you have questions about this event please contact Jeremy Barnett at 239-851-3940 or at crossfittb@yahoo.com.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone there,

Evolved Athletics
Jeremy Barnett


Damn, that's cool! I'm in Naples and will for sure make this next one! My goal is to compete, I'm training now. AWESOME!


Look forward to having you in the competition. At Evolved Athletics we have all the equipment needed to train for strongman (i.e. stones from 180 lbs. - 315lbs., 2" Axle,80lb- 10" Practice Log, 215 lb - 12" competition Log, Farmers Carry Handles, Yoke, 5-Power Racks, Kettlebells up to 100 lbs., Bumper Plates, Chalk, 30 yrds of indoor turf, Chains and Bands and much more).

I only charge $10.00/visit for non-members if you or anyone else would like to come down to train for the competition. Strongman training hours are: Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 10am -5pm & Sat. 10am -1pm. This is done by appointment so please call ahead 239-851-3940 or email at crossfittb@yahoo.com


Next Sat. Aug. 8th, 2009 Wallace International Trucking Co. will be bringing out one of their smei-trucks for us to practice our truck pull. If you're in town and would like to try it out stop by. We'll start around 10:30am

Evolved Athletics
16120 San Carlos Blvd. Unit 4
Ft. Myers, Fl. 33908


Too far out to get into this one, but I'll look into it next year if this is a regular event. Gym looks to be a sweet place, I'll have to swing by if I'm ever in the area.


I got family in FT.Myers Im gonna look into buying plane ticks so I can attend.


Hope you can get a plane ticket and make it to our event. Where are you coming from? If your family is here in Ft. Myers you should invite them and friends in the Ft. Myers area. We can always use more people.


If you're ever in our area stop by and check us out.


Yes I will for sure come by next time im in the area or I will be there for the event.My family live either in Ft.Myers or near it I cant remember, I would be coming out from seattle.


Sounds good. Hope you can make it.


Check out some footage from this past Sat.'s truck pulling practice session. Wallace International Trucking Co. was nice enough to let us borrow one of their semi-trucks for the day.

Check out the videos below: