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1RM Weighted Pull-up Comp


The contest ends on November 27, 2011 at 8pm PST
This Competition is based on Percentage of Bodyweight pulled.
Overall Winner:

$150 Cash, $100 Gift Card, Choice of 3 different Products from Athletic Edge Nutrition

Each Weight Class:
1st Place- $150 Cash,PROTOGRIP Liquid Chalk
2nd Place- $75 Cash,PROTOGRIP Liquid Chalk
3rd Place- $50 Cash,PROTOGRIP Liquid Chalk
4th Place- Creatine RT from Athletic Edge Nutrition
5th Place- Creatine RT from Athletic Edge Nutrition

Weight Classes:

Male <169lbs
Male 170lbs รข?? 199lbs
Male 200lbs+
Female All Weights

Leader Board:

DEMO Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxnMup8a_8Y



What ever happened to Alpha? He hasn't been around in a while and his blog appears dead.

Anyway, I'm probably good for BW + 40kg. Couldn't be arsed filming it though.


Holy shit.....@ 167lbs my 1RM was at 55lbs from a dead hang.....pretty sure my tiny ass would get obliterated.


holy shit that's awesome.


Fucking fuck.

The thing about alpha is that he doesn't just CRUSH lift... He uses the most gladiator like method possible. That isn't some specially designed and tested for durability, but rigged for comfort. He isn't using some paid-for-by-a-sponsorship type equipment... Nah... It's just a fucking chain. Like a goddamn BOSS.


I've always wondered what's considered decent, strong, elite, etc on pullups since so few people in the gyms I've trained in have actually been serious about putting up big weight on the lift.
Before an injury a few years ago I was at BW+ around 150 at about 205 and I always wondered where that number fell in terms of comparison. I don't understand why more people don't push their numbers on this lift.