1RM Test Week Before 915 Program

Hey CT,
I’m going to test my 1RM’s for Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift and Snatch Grip High before I start the 915 program. How should this week be schedule leading into week 1 of 915?

Also am I best to go with snatch grip high pull or normal grip high pull (same grip as deadlift)?

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Test your maxes as if it were a normal training week, meaning that you test the lift you would train on that day… for example if you plan on training the bench press on monday, then test it on monday.

BTW the “max” should be a technically solid max. The percentages need to be based on “your best performance”. If that best performance has you cheat the barbell up or use bad form then it will screw up the whole progression plan. If you bench 275 with solid form then get 285 but it goes up and your butt gets off the bench, or you bounce in on your chest, the 275 count, not the 285. If you squat and cut depth to get more weight, it doesn’t count. If you deadlift with a fishing rod round back, it doesn’t count. Those who fail using the 915 misevaluate their maxes.

Unless you are a skilled olympic lifter, go with the snatch high pull. With the clean high pull people tend to use their arms too early and too much.

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Ok great thanks for that. Yeah I lent on the side of caution when i recently completed the Power Look Program working off my 1RM which worked perfectly by the end to increase by 15-20% on the 4 major lifts.

Thanks again

CT how do you test your 1 rep max (rest, warm up, etc…)?