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1RM For Weighted BW Exercises?


Weighing 205, when I dip with 90 lbs. for 7 reps, should i punch 90 into the calcluator or 295?

In other news, I am grinning ear to ear to be Dipping with 90 lbs again.


technically you are lifting 295, if you are sure and consistant with your bodyweight, go and write it that way...

my weight is never really the same from week to week, so the way i write is

set 1: bw(bodyweight) x 8, warm up set
set 2: 45 x
set 3: 90 x
set 4: 125x
set 5: 125x

...anyways, it's not like it really matters which way...just do it which ever way you like...and awesome job on hitting 90....


I would punch 295 in.That's a great dip,way to go bro!