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1RM Done...What Next?


Hello, ive just joined and this is my first post- Please excuse my english is 2nd.

Im 31, 5'11, 88kgs (194lbs), Bodyfat is between 20%-25%

I have a background in martial arts and done many bodyweight exercises over the years and lifted randoms weights here and there.

after a couple of years of not doing anything but work ive decided i want to get into the gym and get stronger and drop my body fat to somewhere between 10 -15 for starters.

I went to gym and did some max lifts (i believe i could have lifted heaver than these if the trainer didnt make me warm up so much before i got to max)

Squat= 135kg, 297lbs.
Bench press= 105kg, 231Lbs.
Deadlift= 150kg, 330lbs.

with those as my max, what weight aprox should i be starting with reps like 10 reps or less?

ps the personal trainer was not my trainer, just someone who worked at the gym i got to help my when i signed up.


What an odd question. But hey, it’s clearly stated, so:

take 70% of these numbers for really hard sets of ten, 60% if you intend to do many sets. See how it goes.


I’d advise sticking at about 5 sets of 5 starting at 70% and increasing by 2.5-5 kg every week for a few months. That whole approach will probably yield very good results. Check out Starting Strength, for example. Just Google it.

But, if you’re dead set on you sets of 10, do what nighthawkz said.


I like to do 70% for sets of 8, and go up every week.


I would pick a few varied programs and try them back to back for a while, see which really work for you and your goals.