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1RM Deadlift Form Check

Hi all,

This is my 1RM pull of 520lbs in April. Hoping to pull 555lbs in August at my first ever comp. Appreciate any helpful comments. Also, keep in mind that I am 54 years old. Thanks!

I could see you getting red lights for a soft lockout. Your shoulders don’t appear to be all the way back.

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Thanks Chris,

I’ll watch that. Lockout is the easiest part of the lift for me so it shouldn’t be a problem to fix.

Your back is very rounded from the mid back down resulting in “catback” when pulling.

I would try to get your hips down a little bit lower before starting the pull, setting your upper back harder and not taking so long from the time you grab the bar to the time when you pull.

There is also some hip shifting/rotation going on. Can’t really assess that from this video.

Granted this was a 1rm things are going to go to shit, but I’d recommend trying to fix some postural issues at around 80-85%

Solid weight for your age and size. I would also recommend getting you legs more involved, and try not to stay in the down position so long that will only hurt your pull.

  1. You never locked out.

  2. You’re puling with a round back all the way up. Lighten your training weights and pull some volume in the 60-75% range for sets of 3-5 for a total of 15-25 reps while keeping the back flat.

  3. Work the hams and quads harder and also hit heavy rowing like pendlays.

  4. Glutes are weak which is why you’re not locking out. The lockout is a hip thrust.

Thanks for the replies. I have some things to focus on now! Interesting about the lockout because I feel like I’ve pulled as far as I can go. I don’t think there is much difference between my 1RM and a 135 pull. Any helpful queues?

I too look downwards when I pull, but ou have to remember to keep your chest high and sit back in the lift. Obviously you are doing something right because you can pull in the 5s. Do you have access to a Glute ham raise at all? That would fix the posterior chain issue with locking out imo

Yes, I do use a GHR. I tend to think it is a form issue and not a lack of glute strength because I feel like I am locking out. I’ll try forcing my hips into the bar as that might help.

I mean it looks like you don’t have adequate upper back strength to stay upright throughout the lift. Some of this could be fixed by just simply sticking your chest up when you begin the pull. You definitely need to pull your shoulders back at the top at your meet though or you will get red lighted