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1ML = How Many IU's?


Is 1ML = 100 IU

I am going to taper off Test Prop eventually and was told that i could use a 5/8 insulin needle in shoulder and would be fine as I lower the doses to an insulin needle amount

Please advise


Yes, 1 ml = 100 IU. You might have a problem getting oil-based AAS through an insulin pin though.


Even if he takes his time and heats the oil first?


If you used EO for part of the oil or had a large amount of BB. Either way the gear would have to be very clean and well filtered. It also depends on the oil, as they all have different viscosities.

A tip if you're going to try it, use a 50IU insulin pin as the barrel is thinner and will provide more pressure compared to the 100IU pins. I know at least one person on here who said he can use warmed oil in a 50IU pin, but not a 100. I would be curious if you try it, so let me know how it goes.


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Correctomundo. Good idea to make it clear for the lesser experienced users. Each IU marking on an insulin pin equates to 1/100 of a milliliter. This is definitely different for other liquid preparation concentrations, and certainly does not apply to solid preparation concentrations. Thanks for bringing that up bushy.


I use a .5ml 50 unit insulin syringe to inject 28mg/.14ml of test cyp (200iu/ml). That is 98mg/wk. I use a .5" #29 and it takes about 10 seconds to inject. If it was a larger bore syringe, that would be a problem for sure.

Loading the syringe takes time. I load .56ml into the .5ml syringe and shoot for times, swabbing the needle afterwards. So I only need to load every 8 days. I do not warm the oil. Test cyp is cotton seed oil for pharmaceuticals. Test eth would probably be sesame seed oil. Street gear could be any of the above. One oil may flow better than the other.


Thanks for the info. I think I'll try it out, as I do HRT and would like to cut back on possible scar tissue buildup since I'm younger and I'll be doing this more than if I were 60.

I'm confused about your protocol. Do you inject four times with the same needle? How often do you inject? How can you load one syringe every 8 days and use it four times, if you inject four times at that dose? I'm sure I'm missing something simple here.


So you're injecting 28mg every other day and using the same needle/syringe 4 times, right?

Interesting shot plan I must say. I like it. I had tried once using a 29g pin, but with a 3ml syringe, and it worked but took far too much effert and too long to seem plausable, but then again I was shooting 2ml. LOL. I'm going to try your protocol with my HRT.

Where do you inject with that 1/2" pin? I guessing thighs and shoulders?


Hey bro, wrong size needle for the job. Insulin needle is for sub Q injections. That would include insulin and Growth. Also, insulin needle is 5/8 inch long. Your oil based is not in the muscle deep enough. You run the risk of the oil under the skin, not good. Stick with a 21 to 22 ga, 1.5 inch with 3ml syringe. Trust me, look this up in any med book on how to give IM shots. Some of this info posted by others is wrong.


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Sorry, but I'm going to have to go ahead and call you out here mate.

Do you intend for an individual to stick a 1.5 inch 21 or 22 ga needle into oneself more than maybe once a week or so? Speaking purely from experience alone, I can tell you there is not much difference between your 21 or 22 and a 20 or even 18 used for drawing. Yea, they may look different, but that feeling of being crippled pretty much is all the same a day or so after you stick that puppy in your glute.

If you're going to inject 1.5 inches deep into yourself (unless you're a masochist) use at least a 25. I actually know of several guys who use 28 and that is injecting 1.25ml of test e at 250mg/ml. So don't even try and say that it won't flow through a needle that small. I personally have done this with a 28, but instead use a 25 simply because of the fact it doesn't stay in me near as long.

Like Bushy said, draw on some real world experience before you start trying to tell somebody what to do because of something you read in some book.



How many ml do you think is possible to inject in 1 spot with the slin pin?

I have done the 25 and the 28 with suspension, but never with enthanate. Curious...


I don't want to steal his thunder, but I was going to post this anyway... You can inject as much as is in the slin pin, so either .5 or 1ml depending on its size. 1ml of fluid 1/2" into the muscle would be fine, even 3/8" in should be okay. I would suggest only using a slin pin if you are lean though, or inject in areas that have very little fat. From personal experience I haven't had problems with this scenario.

KSman, why not just order 29g 1/2" needles and use with a 3ml syringe? Draw with a 20g and you're good to go with either re-using or switching the 29g needles.


i am taking 1mL of equipoise and 1 1/2mL of T-propionate in inject form..will i see serious soreness? i inject in my shoulders on monday and they are still very sore and its now thurs...is this common?


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if i switched up my prop to sustanon will i lessen the amount of soreness? the only problem is that my shoulders get so sore and tight that i cant lift, so its pointless to take anything...i popped a few motrin yesterday and it was much better...is my dosage straight?


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