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1mg of Arimidex, Still High Estrogen


and im not even running high doses of aromatizing steroids....all i ran at the time was testosterone replacement therapy, test cyp at 100mg/week....help.

also i was in the grips of hard dieting, and i noticed that my bottle of milk thistle smelled kinda good....so i freaked out and ate the whole thing (im not kidding, come on, yall know you've done some crazy shit when super hungry)....it contained soy and milk thistle and both of those are purported to have estrogenic effects....i took those right before hitting the lab, here is the range: 130 or less
my level 135......

im not joking guys im dead serious what the hell help.


how the fck can soy and milk thistle raise estrogen that much THROUGH THE ARIMIDEX?!?.....is something wrong with me? any1 got an idea?


actually i guess i never got estrogen tested before....it was estradiol, and it was normal...but still how can estro be so high thru arimidex?


Are you for real? You got hungry and ate a whole bottle of supps? Did you not have any food around? I have done some silly shit in my time but that is not among them. If you are prone to these kind of episodes, you may not want to have pharmaceuticals in the house. Just saying, bro...

This is one of the weirdest posts I've seen here...but I'll say one thing: if your supp binge did indeed cause this, and I have no idea if that's even possible, it's because armidex does NOTHING to reduce exogenous estrogen, or its effects...read the SERM/AI sticky and you'll understand why.