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1mg Adex ED and Still Sore Nips


Averaging 750mg Omnadren per week. An amp EOD.
Plus 20mg dbol every now and again before a workout.
Started liquidex at day 1 .25mg a day
I'm up to 1mg of liquidex a day now and both nipples are still a bit sore.
The liquidex has to be underdosed right?
Has anybody ever heard of somebody using 1mg of Ldex ED and still having estrogen problems?

Sex drive has been fluctuating a lot with each increase in Ldex dosage. Peaks and valleys.
Go higher or wait and hope things balance out?


Concentration/quality being off would be my first assumption. I don't know if this is right or wrong, but I usually take a high dose of nolva and taper off, in conjunction to raising my adex dosage.


1). probably 2). no never 3). I've read on many occasions to start nolva at the first sign of gyno.


Adex is probably fake.

Take some clomid or nolvadex asap to stop the gyno worsening and get your skates on in acquiring some proper adex.


What brand of liquidex is it so we can know to avoid it?


Currently taking .30 ml per day on 100mgs of Tren EOD ans 750 test per week, no estrogen sides. Tren sides are another story, take tren (or deca), get the almond under my left nipple, but it always goes away after the cycle, I assume it just going ape shit from either progesterone or prolactin (Bill R would argue this but something about tren and dec does it!!), either way it always goes away so I don't care to take dostinex due to its own perils.

The very last line of this description of sides below may explain your symptoms while on adex, but I really don't know, just throwing it out there for consideration.

Omnadren Side Effects

There are strong androgenic side effects, which are pronounced with Omnadren (as with all testosterones). Oily skin, acne, increased body/facial hair, and depending on the individual an increase in aggressiveness can occur. Omnadren can also be hard on the hairline. This is partly due to the conversion of the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Test is converted to DHT via the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. While DHT is more potent than test at the androgen receptor (the double bond is removed from the carbon4-carbon5 bond and replaced with a hydrogen atom on each) and is responsible for some growth. It can also cause some negative side effects as well. Testosterone, because of this bond is actually much more anabolic, in practical terms, because it For example: DHT formation in the scalp is suspected of causing/expediting male pattern baldness. To possibly combat this, one can use finasteride (Proscar). This drug will inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT but many users will report that since DHT is more potent at the androgen receptor than test, gains in muscle mass as well as strength will diminish. On the other hand, a lack of DHT caused by blocking 5-AR can sometimes cause gynocomastia (4)(5).


So hard to answer anything in regards to the Adex as we don't know how long you were having problems, how long you've been taking 1mg, how old the liquidex is, etc.
But I can tell you that you should take Nolvadex until it subsides and control it with Adex. You're going to end up trashing estrogen levels with the Adex before you notice relief.
Get some Nolvadex and run it until it stops and run your Adex at .5mg/day and see if that controls the estrogen properly after the nolvadex has stopped the gyno symps.


Its been a few weeks that the soreness has been coming and going. I'd raise my Ldex intake and it would subside a little. Then come back. I'd say i've been on 1mg a day for about 2 weeks.

My recent plan of attack has just been to eliminate the dbol, add in some nolvadex, and continue running 1mg of my underdosed Ldex a day while i wait for some (hopefully) legit Ldex to arrive. Taking 40mg of nolva a day has definitely helped with the sore nips.


I've had simalar problems with domestic research chemical organizations with their product being under-dosed. My estradiol level only went from 34 to 32 over the course of a month using 1ml per day. Needless to say, the research chems are not doing squat.

Other info... I've been on TRT 50mg/ week of test enth. Anabolically, it's been great - T levels approaching 800, etc. But, I haven't experienced the androgenic results I was hoping for... Increased energy, focus, libido. I would like to get my e-level down to the low 20's to see if that will help.