1How I got rid of biceps tendonitis within 4 weeks using anavar/oxandrolone

Finally managed to cure my tendonitis (both arms) and I tell You how- hope it helpes

the problem:
I was 44 years old, 1,78m tall, 72kilos and on TRT (190mg cipionate/week, pinning eod) for few years. training Mo/wed/fri (early morning) by the 100rep-system from athleanx. My last blast with tbol in August 2023 caused me a painfull tendinitis distalis in both of my arms which lasted since this month - full 6 monthes.

the therapy:
Cut out my arm workout and some other exercices that hurted the most and instead of dumbbels I switched to maschines. Doctor prescripted me some bandages which I didnt used cause pf unwanted bloodflow supression. Instead of that I used lifting hooks for the pull motions and used a massage-gun aswell as cold rollers 2 - 3 times the day.
Also I started with 25mg of anavar/oxandrolone (UGL) the day split in two, taken with 10 hours in between. Also took 5mg cialis/day, 30g Collagen-peptides, with vitamin c and EEa´s. Also creatine, betaine, cholin, tudca and NAC.

beginning of week three I was hit by a mild cold and took the week off - no workouts

the success:
positive effects showed up fast - better mood, better motivation - added a 12min sixpack workout (by sascha huber, Youtube) mo/wed/fri (evening) and after week 2 I added 10 mins rope jumping (tue/thu/sat). The boost from the Var was more psychiological - got no strenght-boost like Im used from tbol. friend of mine asked whats the difference between car and tbol. For me its like that: on turinabole I went to the gymn, expecting nothing special - and supriced myself with a BIG boost of strenght and endurance. On var I go to the gymn, feeling like I could move 40 percent more weight than before - and supricing myself that thats not the case :D.
For my tendinitis: first 2 weeks nothing happened, beginning of week two it went better by the day, beginning of week 5 its completeley gone!! Ill keep var up for another 3 weeks (so 8 in total) and keep the traning like the last weeks - then I´ll return to normal - but keeping to maschines instead of dumbbells, that lesson I learned.

effects on my body:
I am still 44 years old - but got rid of some fat (8,9% bodyfat atm) and gained some 1,5 kilos weight - guess sceletton muscle mostly - since I don´s see much difference.
trying to upload some pictures I took within 4 weeks of each other.

Take care and hopefully You got rid of Your tendinitis, too - If You have one. Kinda regards - Trachtman

It is highly unlikely your tendonitis resolved because you took oxandrolone. Tendonitis resolves with time… and time is probably what helped you.

I ruptured the long head of my bicep on left arm and had chronic tendonitis re long head of my biceps on the right arm. In both instances, biceps tenodesis was the answer. This is a surgical procedure where the long head of the bicep is cut and re-attached at the top of your humerus. It was done in conjunction with arthroscopic shoulder surgery in both instances.

If you have chronic biceps tendonitis… get assessed for a slap tear or a rotator cuff tear (reliably diagnosed with MRI, MR arthrogram or on arthroscopy).


[quote=“Edgar88, post:1, topic:287020”]
Also I started with 25mg of anavar/oxandrolone (UGL) the day split in two, taken with 10 hours in between. Also took 5mg cialis/day, 30g Collagen-peptides, with vitamin c and EEa´s. Also creatine, betaine, cholin, tudca and N

AAS will not help with inflammation, it will cause it. Rest, message and anti-inflammatory meds or peptides will help.

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Well, I had problems for half a year, and then they suddenly disappeared within few weeks taking oxandrolone. Which is known to boost collagen syntheses and thatfor is used with burning-victims. could be coincidence but I dont think so.
Well, this is just what I experienced. Others might have made different experiences. I will not discuss here - I just told my story in case it helps someone, thats all :slight_smile:

That’s sad :frowning:

Great that you cured your tendonitis. I know how frustrating it can be. My elbow tendonitis was caused by improper elbow placement while squatting. Fixed that and it went away after about 6 months.

I don’t think the tbol caused your tendonitis. I’m betting on the 100rep workout which caused inflammation of your tendons.

This is what cured your tendonitis, not the anavar. The anavar was coincidental. Glad it worked out though.

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You definitely have correlation. Whether it’s causation is questionable. My guess is that you had great timing. You were approaching the completion of the healing process when you started Anavar. Plus, all of my injuries felt a little better when I started a AAS cycle.

The benefits of all orals that I ever took became noticeable very close to ten days into the cycle. This corresponds pretty well with your two weeks.

I am pleased you have relief and a plan going forward. Best wishes.

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Yeah, not the tbol - but I had such a rush on the tbol I simply overtrained. The tendinitis I got from shoulder press with dummbells - the motion to get those heavy dumbbells in the starting position of the exercice was what caused the problems :slight_smile:
Yeah - maybe it was a good timing, too. Tried Bpc-157 bevore - that didnt worked but was expensive…

The arm workout I allready cut out just after the pain started last summer (I’m no native english speaker, thats why I write misunderstandable sometimes. Sorry thatfor

That’s life :grin: