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1B, Eye Injury, No Neural Training

Hi CT, I took a hard softball to the face about two weeks and had to go to emergency. I got internal bleeding in my eye, cut (six stitches under my eyebrow) and was told that it was a miracle that I didn’t break my orbital bone (bad bruise and a small bone got pushed into my nasal cavity). My eye has stopped bleeding internally after almost two weeks and I’m still not allowed to train (no sports, no sprints, no lifting, etc) for another two weeks because it’s too dangerous to put pressure in my eye.

I’m going crazy and becoming restless from two weeks of no training followed by another two weeks of no training. Any advice on what I can do now to safely increase dopamine when I’m not allowed to do anything intense? And minimize my strength and muscle losses? (I looked at your earlier helpful article)

Thank you.

Honestly in your situation I don’t have much to offer. Brain Candy and nicotine gum can either increase dopamine or bind to the dopamine receptors. Sex would also increase dopamine and so would eating pleasure food, but I don’t really recommend that.

Thank you for replying. I’m going for daily walks, very light band work and upper back work (like band pushdowns, band pull-aparts, Y-T-W holds etc) so I’m at least somewhat active and keeping my diet in check. Muscle-mind connection with the band is hard and boring for me (unsurprisingly) but I figure it’s better than nothing.

I definitely started eating and craving more sugar/junk food than normal but once you pointed out type 1s’ bad eating habits in your last podcast interview I realized why I was doing it.

Going forward, outside of my injury for life in general, I feel like figuring out how to safely increase dopamine (if we can’t do it through training or safe sex) is a life challenge for us Type 1s.

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It’s a challenge for everyone. I feel you. After my wrists surgeries I was back to the gym 3 days later doing whatever I could without hands (zercher squat, zercher deadlifts and good morning, zercher front raises, Thib’s pulldowns etc)

I’m sorry to hear about your wrists. I hope they healed.

Learning to train around illness, injuries, limited time, equipment, etc is definitely a challenge for all neurotypes at one point or another. I simply meant that as a Type 1, it can be hard to get that need to be challenged, compete, excited and win met for life fulfillment.

As an update, healing has been going well so I should be free to return to training like the doctor said. I’m excited (it feels like an eternity, 1B impatience so true lol).

I’m hoping to regain strength quickly.

Yes don’t worry just don’t go too heavy the first couple weeks!

Thank you!

I was going to take 10% off of 1 rep maxes and cut my volume down. If I ever feel burnt out, I do less volume and feel better.