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1B Diet - Any Comment?

Hello Christian,

Being 1B according to the tests, I would like to have your opinion on a diet that I have just developed.

The only deviation I made was including pre-workout carbohydrates (in the form of sweet potato flour) because, if I followed the regulations to the letter, that made a lot of dextrin to drink during the workout. training, and since I practice Crossfit, I’m afraid of being a little heavy.

What do you think ?

Also, that doesn’t make too much protein (I get to 3.5g per kg)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just a little up :slight_smile:

Nobody ? :confused:

Have you been following the diet these last couple months? How has it gone?

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No, I didn’t, because I wanted to have a feedback from @Christian_Thibaudeau regarding my interrogations.

I’m not trying to tell you your business, but this is not typically a good idea. More than a month has gone by - you had a lot of time to find out if this works for you. Coach can give you some guidance, but, in the end, we’re all going to have to self-experiment; especially when he’s answering forum questions vs. working with you 1:1 for a consistent period.

What have you been doing in the meantime? How big a departure from your norm would the proposed diet be?


@TrainForPain : 2 reasons :

  • COVID-19, which didn’t allow me to train as I want for the last few month, but now I can.

  • I think that the 3,5g/kg can be bad for the kidneys, so I wanted to have the point of view of the coach.